little general!

bring back the towel! the cats are 1-0 with the little general sporting the towel and 0-1 without.....he has to bring back the good luck charm! the fans should start wearing them to the games.a couple of guys were wearing them at the cats-alouettes game!

Those were great towels...

How about Ron Lancaster towel night, first 20,000 fans get a towel to wear.

Ron is simply an idol.

l agree the towels are a classic, funny how you seen fans at the game in montreal sporting them,l think l seen a few myself.

Crash would wear it like a cape... :twisted:

Nah, actually i wore it around my neck like Ron... anything to show the coach we're behind him.

i gots me a towel. Got it signed by a couple o players too. Aidoo, Cotton, Ranek, Mariuz, Donnelly and even that Josten QB who got cut. Think it may be worth something someday? it was the day before he got cut