Little excited to see smith start

The Al's will start their 4th qb of the season this weekend most likely. I am curious to see how he does and how short his leash is. I also can't recall the Al's starting four QBs in one season

That's my question as well. AC is itching to try and get his job back. I just hope they give Smith at least 3 weeks of first team reps and game time.

It will be interesting to see what he can do, but horrible timing to be testing new waters...with back to back games against the Cats, this is home playoff vs not on the line. Guess it is a good high pressure situation to see his potential though.

Smith looked pretty good last game. I was surprised they pulled him after his touchdown pass, he was just starting to get it going.

It should be interesting, but don’t expect miracles. There is a reason he’s fourth on the depth chart typically. I think he’ll put on a good showing and show potential as a possible candidate for AC’s throne. I guess they must feel he’s the best of their QB’s, since if they lose the Al’s kiss a home playoff game goodbye.

Of course aside from AC Smith is the best of the lot. Even Popp has admitted that the QB play has not been good enough, meaning Marsh and Neiws, putting up less than 30 point a game.
Unlike the false hype for Callaros that was coming out of Toronto for a QB who stunks for 3 Qtrs and then comes back to win in the 4th not much GC potential in that.

Very interesting in Montreal what will happen with the qb situation.

i'm sure the Ticats defence are excited to see Smith start too.

Your sure how ? You tight with those guys :roll:

Smith isn't your typical fourth-stringer, though. He was lower on the depth chart only because we signed him midseason and he needed time to get his head around the CFL game and pick up Montreal's offense. Of our current active QBs, only one (Neiswander) was even with the team at the start of training camp (Marsh was signed after Porter was cut).

Anyone who's seen him throw knows he's made for the CFL.

I too am quite interested in seeing Troy Smith start & play. As said by previous posters … start him and leave him in for the remaining 3 weeks and get a real look at what you have with Mr. Smith. If he does very well, then problem solved with the added bonus of getting a home playoff date. If he doesn’t, then the team is in the same position at the end of the year as they are now … 3rd and on the road for the EDSF. Popp needs to start Smith & have the patience to stick with him for the rest of the year.

I hope, as a TiCat Fan, that the former Buckeye does well enough to prove himself as a capable starter in this league and heir to Mr. Cavillo … but not enough to sweep the TiCats back-to-back …

Realistically … the TiCats & Als will play 3 times over the next 4 weeks … I, once again as a TiCat fan, would prefer a split in the back-to-back and a victory in the EDSF … awfully hard to beat a team 3 straight times in a short period.

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