Listening to Durant Q&A: Zurkowsky's got to go !

Zurkowsky is an shiat stain on the city of Montreal.

Constantly looking for negative angles and putting people and the team in a tough spot.

How that guy wakes up every morning, looks himself in the mirror, and calls himself a sports journalist is beyond me. :oops:

Herb est un ardent défenseur de la liberté de dépression.

He's already gone! Just don't listen to anything he says.

How he got into the HOF I even more of a mystery

Electoral college?

I’ve been a sports writer at The Gazette since 1978. Originally from Toronto, I’ve covered the Alouettes of the CFL since 1997. My real passion is covering professional boxing.


To answer your question …

  • maybe he bought a round; or
  • they needed another guy that could provide a colour photograph … classy golf shirt Herb

Continuez de prier!


The only problem with getting rid of him is that they won`t replace him with anyone. They are already down to 3 reporters - Hickey, Cowan, Herb. Most of the Gazette sports content is from Postmedia people in other cities.

De la façon dont Herb couvre les Alouettes, je ne vois pas ça comme une tragédie. C’est un pisse-vinaigre dont les Alouettes peuvent se passer.

The only in-depth coverage and analysis of football in this town is by Vercheval, Proulx, and Heppell. And RDS gives them a one-hour show. Good on RDS for that!

Sadly, sports journalism in English or French, at least where football is concerned, is just about null and void!

Don’t you mean the Russians who preyed on gullible Americans who believe in Alternative Facts?

In Zurkowsky’s case, I think he is great. Nobody does a better job reporting on Alouette tidbits better than him. Zurkowsky breaks all the Als news. Where is this imaginary person(s) who would be his replacement that exceeds Herb? That someone does not exist. Compare him to other reporters who cover their local CFL team. Who is better than Zurkowsky? Hell, we don’t even know who most of them are because they never break any stories. Furthermore whenever someone debates a point about the Als, they use Zurkowsky as a source because he is credible.

I for one am grateful Herb is the beat reporter for the Als. Without him, the only news that we would see are the team’s sanitized press releases.

^ Those really are alternative facts. :lol:

If you like Herb, to each his own, but I'm not exactly sure what stories he's broken. I mean, he'll break the odd one now and again -- usually something negative, because he hates the team and that's another big issue -- but a beat reporter covering the team should be on top of that stuff more often than not. Other cities have FAR superior beat reporters assigned to their respective CFL clubs (Hamilton, Saskatchewan, Ottawa, and Edmonton off the top of my head).

News from today. Joe Mack as Assistant GM. He had that long before anybody else and probably the only one to say this.

You guys only upset because Zurkowsky writes things that the other teams' fans can use to mock the Als. I really don't care about that. All I want from a beat reporter is getting the scoop on news and being accurate/credible.

Herb does bring information, thats his job. Hes paid to attend practices, talk to players, coaches, etc. His main source of under the radar stuff is player agents Gill and Fleiszer. The problem I (we) have is the negative slant he brings to most stories. He doesnt have to be a cheerleader, just more balanced. Hes a reporter, not an editorialist.

When Jovon Johnson had some Mtl. traffic issues, Herb actually wrote that this would deter free agents from signing with the Als. :roll:

The Als organization can`t stand him. Last training camp I heard Abrams trading shots with him over his reporting that Cato had lost his passport.

Now Okie as a big fan who brings alot of great info here, you have to come to Montreal to learn some French. Youll then get to appreciate what some of the objective RDS reporters like Vercheval and Leblanc have to offer. Im sure Johnny can fix you up with a teacher. :smiley:

Yeah, put Herb next to Vercheval and even Eric Leblanc and it's not even close. The latter two are pro journalists who do their job with respect and diligence. The former is a lazy hack playing out the string until retirement or Postmedia's golden handshake.

[i]Okay Okie. Let’s start with the most important Québecois french words.

Ost*, tabar***, crsse, ptain.

Practice those. Johnny will have more for you tomorrow. :smiley: [/i]

If Zurkowsky didn't care, he could just half-ass his job and do the minimum. Instead, he goes out and gets the good scoops. How come I never hear the good dirt from anybody else since he is not the only one covering the Als?

As far as the negative slant in his columns goes, I don't really see that either. To me, that stuff is somewhere between neutral and mildly amusing. Nothing close to being offensive.

I would have no problem getting rid of Herb if he was not respected by the CFL community and was viewed as just a big joke. In fact, it is just the opposite.

Its there, its always there
One thing he wrote that I will always remember after the Als creamed Calgary(I believe)

" There were over 25,000 at McGill yesterday, all of them wishing they had stayed home and watched the NFL for free"

C’est presque ça, Johnny!

Mais pour bien pratiquer, ce serait :

Ost* de Herb
tabar*** de Herb
crsse de Herb
tain (celui-là, non; c’est Français, pas Québécois) :twisted:

Bon, c’est pas sérieux. Pour revenir au personnage, oui Zurkowsky sort des nouvelles et rapporte des informations (quoique Lawless a l’air d’être en train de le rattraper côté scoops sur les Alouettes), mais la seule fois où j’ai vu Herb écrire sans négativisme au sujet des Alouettes, c’est quand il a encensé Maciocia pour devenir DG. Quand son chouchou a été laissé de côté, il est vite revenu à ses habitudes. Il est pas capable de ne pas donner un côté tendancieux (en français, ça veut toujours dire avec un côté négatif) à ses reportages, ou à glisser quelque chose qui dénigre l’équipe, même si ça a aucun rapport avec l’essence de son sujet.

Ceci veut dire qu’il mêle son ressentiment personnel à ce qu’il écrit. Ce n’est pas du journalisme. C’est de l’éditorial à la Réjean “le Miteux” Tremblay (à la différence que Herb connaît le football canadien, à la différence de l’autre). Herb n’a pas à être un fan, mais quand tu es journaliste, tu ne dois pas faire glisser les faits vers un rapport artificiellement négatif ou positif. En ce sens, Vercheval, Proulx, Heppell et Leblanc sont une référence. S’ils écrivaient ou rapportaient en anglais de cette manière, on ne parlerait plus de Herb Zurkowsky que comme le MadHonni, pardon, Madani de Montréal.

Je comprends okie d’apprécier le fait que Herb lève beaucoup d’histoires sur les Alouettes, mais sa façon de le faire contribue à développer une perception plus négative de l’équipe que celle qu’elle mérite. Il serait temps qu’il mette ses rancunes de côté et qu’il se contente de rapporter les faits sans que son jupon dépasse à chaque fois.