Listen Up - Charlie and the boys !!!!!!!!!!!

One thing that I sure Charlie and the coaching staff have forgot is the value for payment for entertainment. If the team contimues to play the way they did last night, you will watching the games by yourself. IVS will be empty.

Here are several suggestions from a person who has watched CFL football for over 40 years. So if I may sound a bit sarcastic or a tad pissed off I don't think an apology will be forthcoming any too soon.

1/ Mr. Taaffe - Give yourself a time out. Go somewhere and collect your thoughts and say to yourself - I should suspend myself for my lack of leadership and my total failure to communicate the basic fundamentals of football to the entire team.

2/ Stop all the excuses - We have all heard you your comments about the need to stop the penalties and we need to stop that and we need to fix this. Get your coaching staff together and FIX IT.

3/ Jason Maas - Finished - fine - fineto - done like dinner - put a fork in him. Absolutely NO leadership qualities at all. CUT HIM before labour day same the

4/ Offensive Line - The current group are not getting the job done.

5/ Pass Rush - You can not depend on McKay Loescher -Find someone to compliment his play and desire.

6/ The Uniform - Remind the players that once you put on the Black & Gold - your mind should instantly transform into pride and itegrity. At this point in the season - I have only seen a handfull of players who have that mind set.

7/ Interesting - As a fan I do not expect the team to win every game - however I expect a certain amount of desire and effort from the team. As of this date there are some players just not understanding your concept of over a 1000 plays.

8/ Something is Blatently Wrong - Why would a team keep a player like Corey Holmes on for a quarter of a season when you could not utilize his talents. What are you thinking!!!!!!

9/ Apology - Mr. Taafe and the coaching staff -You owe every paying customer who supports this team with an apology. You just need to read the current league standings.

Food for Thought...................

I bet you Taafe has second thoughts of signing with Hamilton rather than Montreal.

Well done!

As I read, I kept looking for one item to disagree with...Couldn't find one..

I certainly wish Charlie had signed with Montreal.

Maybe the two guys that bled black and gold that he fired , Morreale and Hitchcock would be interested in taking his job.

The only part of that I don't agree with is the cutting of Jason Mass. I say keep him around if for nothing else than to let Chang learn from his experience. His experience in Edmonton, not Hamilton.

Boy, I’m really starting to wish the team had hired a defensive head coach (like I said in the offseason). Our offence, under the direction of this supposedly offensive coach is offensive to watch. Especially in the red zone.

…hey, why did we kick the field goal when we were on the 3 on the first or second series of the game? Taaffe’s a gambler, we’ve seen it. Why not go for it there and try to get a TD. Even if you don’t make it, the other team needs to go 107 yds for a TD. I understand you want to get on the board first, but come on, at this point WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?

…and while we’re at it, how about throwing in a trick play once in a while. A RB pass or a reverse pass, or a fake punt, something! Maybe then at least I’d get some entertainment value out of watching these games.