List the Canadian content

With all the talk about Canadian content right now, I thought it'd be fun to list all of the talented Canadians currently in the league.

I know Saskatchewan has a bunch of Canadian WR. Getzlaf (sp) and Dressler are Canadian, correct? Paris Jackson is Canadian, and Ben Cahoon is considered a non-import. Calvin McCarty is Canadian. He's been kind of overshadowed by Whitlock, but he still has a lot of talent.

Who are some of the other Canadians?

Javy Glatt linebacker with the Lions. Rickey Foley on the defensive line, replacing the beast (aka Cam Wake) and doing a really good job.

Chief you are right about Getzlaf but Dressler is an Import. Also not to be forgotten are Andy Fantuz and Gene Makowsky.
ET has done an admirable job of loading our team with talented Canadians - many of them may not be household names this year but are waiting in the wings for their chance to shine.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats:

SB - Dave Stala
S - Dylan Barker (record number of Special Teams tackles)
OL - George Hudson
OL - Marwan Hage
OL - Alexandre Gauthier
OL - Peter Dyakowski
DT - Matt Kirk

Dressler is an import? :? Hmm. I didn't think he was... my bad. I remembered Fantuz, but couldn't remember if he was an import or not. Definitely some solid grabs by the Riders. Some obvious Eskimos I forgot...

Noel Prefontaine
Matthew Bertrand
Kamau Peterson

Dressler is from North Dakota, close to the border but doesn't quite count haha


G Gene Makowski
SB Andy Fantuz
SB Chris Getzlaf
WR Rob Bagg
SB Jason Clermont
CB Donovan Alexander
T Chris Best
K Luca Congi
RB Stu Foord
DB Tamon George
RB Neal Hughes
LB Mike McCollough
DB Leron Mitchell
DE Luc Mullinder
C Jeremy O'Day
G Marc Parenteau
DT Keith Shologan
FB Chris Szarka

Thats all the notables from the riders.

Is Boreham(sp?) a Canadian for the riders as well?

From the Bombers:
Doug Brown (Eastern All-Star)
Brendon LaBatte (Eastern All-Star)
Don Oramasionwu (had a great rookie year on the D-line)
Ian Logan (had a great year at safety)
Mike Renaud (incredible ball placement for a punter)