List of what the CATS have improved upon

  1. Coaching . Greg Marshall is not getting outsmarted in the 2knd half after half time adjustments that used to happen to the cats in previous years . He has plenty of success in this league as a player and coach . He has been using good schemes and he knows the league and players.
    Gibson and Marcel . The two of the guys have plenty of CFL experience and have been mixing up the offensive plays well . When Porter develops the sky is the limit .

  2. Special Teams . They are using players like AUGGIE and MARIUZ who know how to play the CFL game and know how to play specialty teams . These guiys have both been starters and are hungry to get back if possible . They have also foudn a few decent kick returners and a guy like Barker can prove himself in this role.

  3. DEPTH . Currently every position has good backups . Last year when a starting DB went down ( bradlkey or gordon ) they used a inexperinced canadian in sean manning to play an import position and that played a large role in 2 losses one being the sask comeback game with that lonmg run that bradley knocked teh ball loose ...that was manning's guy.

  4. Improved OLINE . With the addition of the 2 veteran tackles ad 2 high end rookies this is no longere a weakness but astrength that has a bright future ,

5 . BEST linebackers in the league ? These guys are ball hawks and they all played together a bit in BC. They put fear in the opponent .

6 Improved recievers . Finally CFL vets in Bruce and Stalla and great youngsters on the rise like Currie , Mcdaniel.

7 Constant upgrade of talent . OBIE is bringing in guys all the time . Everyone knows they have to produce .

8 OBIE ...he is starting to show his eye for talent

9 A great young QB dEVELOPING in Porter with a vet behind him

10 great assistant coaches with recent cfl experince ( travis moore , danny mac , khari jones )

11 Stability in the defensiev backfield . can develop chemistry like the thompson flip pass last game.

  1. improved dline play .....We are getting there ....not enough sacks but good at sopping the run and decent penetration .

13 Good new RB in Cobb

14 Great overall team discipline . LESS penalties and dumb plays AND LESS TURNOVERS. No longer beating ourselves

15 Starting to look like the true old time ticat defence ..hard hitting .