List of positives

Much like sigpigs list of complaints, lets get a list of positives going.

  1. We won a game.
  2. Myers can kick
  3. Echols can play
  4. Defense is top notch
  5. great special teams coverage
  6. Vaughn's record.
  7. Maas pased for over 300 yards.
  8. Holmes is involved in the offense after being injured
  9. Kamau Peterson learned to catch
  10. Boreham is no longer kicking field goals, but his kickoff yards are one of the highest in the league.
  11. Radlien is almost back to form, as is Ranek.
  12. Cotton and Cheatwood playing fabulously while injured.
  13. Lancaster is coaching well.
  14. Not so many penalties anymore.
  15. We're pretty damn close to beating the argos in the division.
  16. Denningers is supposedly having a consession's stand (?)
  17. We play at home next
  18. Cavil and Brock are becoming more involved in the offense.
  1. The offence is starting to really function as a unit and can only keep improving.
  2. We've got some amazing players who are a joy to watch, no matter what the score is.
  3. We have an organization that cares about us and what we think and is working their butts off to bring us a grey cup.

i know its been touched on, but…

11 penalties for 42 yards???

what is that???

They played very well last night and it was probably the best game they played in a couple of years.