List of Delinquents

ill guess ill start this so new people can see who the sh*t disturbers are on this site. feel free to put someone’s name on here who has just been acting like a jerk as of late

and if u put my name on, ill consider u on the list, unless u have a good reason.

ill nominate2scoops fro knockin KK.

i forgot about gadescup, the reason i started this thread, and whoever that guy was who started that eskimos suck thread in the eskimos room.

gadescup has been banned from the forum.




ya ho

this gadescup guy was out to lunch…a few bricks short of a load …and alot of other things I won’t mention or I’ll be banned…was he this Turkey guy from the old forum in disguise…sure talked like him…anyway good riddance. :!:

turkeybend wasnt that bad though, he didnt swear that much.

I retract this post as it just didn’t seem right.

I’d put my own name on that list because every now and then, I drop the word nipple in my posts and that gives more job to Kalhuaz who then has to roll his eyes, sight, and erase my non-sense.

But seriously, I’m not into that fingerpointing thing. If someone acts like in an abusive way, the moderators will get him. Hey, they censor our posts when we use word like “s h o r t” (never got that one), so they can definately get someone who verbally abuse everyone.