List of CFL'ers trying for the NFL

It's looking more likely than not for Chick at DL in Jacksonville, but making the team is far from a sure thing:

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And WR Andrew Hawkins is beating long odds again to make the Cincinnati Bengals ...meanwhile the major cuts have begun and will continue through Sunday 2 September.

Jerome Messam was cut by the Miami Dolphins today.

I bet you he comes back next year if he is healthy, and I sure want him back in Edmonton too.

Who knows...Eskies have Boyd - Edmonton trade Messam's rights to Toronto for.... a draft pick?

Elimimian was released today as well. If he doesn't catch on with another team it will be interesting to see what the Lions will do with their LBs to get him back in the line-up.

I think he waits the 10 day waiver period to see if anyone picks him up, but it will be interesting to see what Wally does should he decide to come back to the CFL. I don't think Wally's going to bust a nut trying to sign him and creating cap space. The linebacking tandem of Bighill, McKenzie, and Reddick (nickel) is set. And I don't want to see a guy automatically handed his old position back if he tries the NFL. It's not fair to the guys who've toiled all season and through training camp.

That said, he could help make one hell of a 3-4 defense with Williams, Mitchell, and Taylor up front, a formation not foreign to Rich Stubler.

If BC does not sign Elimimian, who is a surprise cut but maybe he could not get his reads right, it will be their loss and another team's immense gain!

Forget this business about "NFL stigma" or any measure of "fairness." You either sign the best players available to your team or you can watch them play well for someone else.

Messam and Elimimian may have been released but there chances are not over by a long shot. Elimimian especially has played well but has been hampered by a Hamstring. Messam also came to the Dolphins off an injury. He is a power back and NFL teams like two have at least two RB for a change of pace a power back and a slasher back. Both have had top seasons in the CFL but only are considered rookies by NFL pay scale. So there $390,000 pay rate will be a bargain for an NFL team for a player with their experience and age. Elimimian at 25 about to hit his prime years and Messam at 27 in his prime years + the bargain salary of 390,000 = a job somewhere in the NFL whether in means starting the season on a practice roster or as a special teamer.
There CFL experience gives them an edge over regular rookies who are fighting for those positions the lower draft picks and rookie free agents. There are a lot of players at those positions as any CFL person will tell you from the other side that Import RB and LB are positions in which there is an abundance of players for the CFL to choose from.

Messam had Knee surgery May 14th, I can't see how he could be ready for an NFL camp in August. I don't think he would be ready to play in the CFL either this year.

That is the concern I have about his injury, could Messam get hurt again? - Mind you I hope not. On the other hand, Jerome has higher trade value that would/could bring in [useful] talent, if the Eskimos decide to go that route.

what is worrisome, is that the surgical procedure on Messam's left meniscus in May, was the second such procedure he's had performed in an 6 month time period.
His ability to return fully, depends on how much cartilage was removed, and the amount of fibrotic tissue developed from both procedures which may hamper mobility/flexibility.

Hopefully he can regain top tier form and become a major contributor again as star NI RB's are difficult to find.
The Cats could certainly use a power back like Messam for those rugged yards.

Elimimian was an option year signing in the NFL. If he doesn't catch on with another NFL team he has to return to the Lions.

Didn't the Lions start last season with a 3-4 defense? That didn't work so well.

If per chance that both Messam and elimiman return to the CFL. I do not think that either team could afford them without making a major roster move. A trade to another team would also have the same affect.
Messams surgery could have really affected his play in Miami so the Esks could very well just place him on the IR for the remainder of the season, That actually what may be best for his career. Then sort out what they are going to do in the off season.
Elimimian, however, Cannot be overlooked as a talent and if BC has decided to move forward there will be teams that will be willing to move a mountain to obtain him in a trade this late in the season.

As a fan just watching elimimian last year he would be a great addition to an NFL team at a bargain price. pro experience with a rookie status in the NFL means a bargain for $390,000 even if he needs to buy some time on a practice squad until a spot opens up somewhere.
Messam with the injury could shy teams away, which is ashame, but that is football, as he was something specia at full strenght last year a perfect power change up RB for an NFL team.

Messam's safer and better bet, considering perhaps the serious nature of the injury, is a CFL comeback. That's right I wrote comeback, as he is in no condition to play this season from what I am reading.

Something tells me now that also he will never be a starting NFL back, and if he made the NFL he would be only a third down and red zone back at best. An NFL team is not going to keep a guy like that on the practice roster and wait on him when they have so many alternatives, and Messam is not a special teams player.

With a CFL comeback, Messam would be far more likely to make a steady living in the CFL especially for short yardage and red zone situations let alone perhaps recover much of the exceptional agility at hand also as a big back.

We wait and we see for next season, as the matter is in his hands of his therapists and doctor now. Also coming back too soon from that sort of knee injury for regular season action let alone for playoff action is almost always disastrous.

Can anyone tell me what is the status of Cory Greenwood? He was drafted by Toronto on the first round of the 2010 draft.

He's with Kansas City Chiefs. (Thanks, Google.)

Madani just posted the following two tweets on Baggs

Former #Ticats and #SskRoughriders DE Stevie Baggs's 2012 over with the Baltimore Ravens. Placed on injured reserve. #CFL
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With Baltimore placing Stevie Baggs on IR, he's ineligible to play in the #CFL in 2012, since he's a member of the Ravens (injured) roster.
[url=] ... 7378793472[/url]

Stevie Baggs gonna get his full NFL salary then right?

Joel Reinders a non-import offensive lineman, drafted by the Argos in 2010,I think, has been released by the new York Giants.


I would agree with that assesment having surgery and returning that quick he could not have the same player the Dolphins signed but that was his window of oppuritunity and he took it. Returing to Edmonton all signs would point to 9 game IR for the reaminder of the season for proper rehab. The Esks will then need to make some decisions as he and boyd i beleive will both be free agents