Lisowski is a Renegade Killer

Lisowski was in charge of the Roughriders right before they folded, and then he was again hired by the Gades. I have never been happy with this guy right from day one and I'm worried that he might do the same thing this time around. He has driven out coaches and GM(Tillman). Now Jenkins is ripping into him and hopeful now Bernie will see this and finally get him the hell out of Ottawa! Also Jenkins stock has really gone up alot in my books. Just by not being afraid to take a stance and hopefully this will finally signal a turn in directions, lol. I'm feeling a whole lot better about Jenkins now, and I'm glad to hear that they are going after Karikari and Singh, but imagine karikari on one corner and korey banks on the other, by god now thats a defence!

Geez here we go again.....just like Jack Bedell whoever the heck he is....

Get it straight people

Karikari is a SAFETY

He is NOT a corner

Wake up, didn't you watch ANY games last year??????

I stated in an earlier post that this is the second guy that Lisowski has had a hand in getting rid of.

That is what I love about you guys your facts are screwed. Please if you are a Renegades fan know your facts. Lisowski wasn’t here the last time. Kershaw was. Kershaw was the one that folded the team. Lisowski was part ownership with an accounting firm. Lisowski came on board with Watters and he was instrumental in (A) keeping the Grey Cup in Ottawa (B) finding owners for the team (Gliebermans) when the team was ready to fold last year. Lisowski is just doing what he is paid to do by the club oversee and reccomend. PS Why did Kershaw miss the press conferences and Lisowski was there?

my facts aren't screwed. tillman isn't there anymore because of lisowski and now lonie resigned because of him. Anyone ever think that he might be the problem?

I would have that guy removed and place him with someone competent to bring this team to the next level.

Truth of the matter is Watters fired Tillman, Lisowski had to deliver the message. Also ask Chris McRobbie why Tillman was fired? Because Joe P went to Watters and said he was the problem. I know I spoke personally to McRobbie

So Joe P and Tillman aren't the best of the buddies? Didn't know that. A story behind the story I guess. Or the truth behind the story.

Don't think most realize how badly in the tank this team has sunk. Father Gliberman will have to dig very deep for some time to rescessitate this ship. His commitment will diminish as the season unfolds and the extent of the damage is truly realized. Tillman or no Tillman

Why would he put Lonie in such an important position with his immaturity? No business sense. Running a ski business and a football team are two different things.
Doesn't sound good Bad-Gaited, not good at all. That is unfortunate for everyone concerned but at least with someone like Tillman around, it should be somewhat better. Hopefully, I want football to be popular in Ottawa for years to come.

The inside information you have, Moscow, is exactly why I suspect that you work for Lonie Glieberman.

Makes sense because he's kissed his ass so many times here. It would be funny to see them walking together, it would be hard to know where he begins and Lonie ends.