Lirim Hajrullahu

Thought this guy deserved a thread :thup: I even made sure to spell his name correctly!

During training camp I was impressed with the way Maher was kicking the ball, and I thought he'd be worth an import spot. I was disappointed when the team cut him and hitched our hopes on Lirim. We've seen other kickers go through our training camps be let go only to thrive on another team (Paredes, and someone else I can't place right now.....).
I couldn't have been more wrong as "Haj " has made 19/21 FG's for a 90% rate, while Maher has struggled a bit going 16/23 for 70%. What's even more impressive is the fact that since Renaud went down, Lirim has filled in well for him. Sure his punting average isn't great, but he is improving.
Let's hope he can continue to be money on the FG's, and nail a few coffin corners as well! :rockin:
BTW - any word on when Renaud is supposed to be back, and if he will get punting duties back?

It’s not too often I feel really sure about a player coming in, but with Lirim, I have no doubts. I follow Western in the CIS and I’ve watched Lirim develop into a great kicker and player. I was happy when the Bombers signed him. It shows me that O’shea and the boys know what they’re looking for. Maher is a fine kicker but I don’t think Lirim was chosen solely on his national status, he is and will be a better kicker all around. This guy is a keeper… Who’s Renaud ?

He was great yesterday - distance & down the middle! That last long one with lots of pressure to get the lead late in the game shows he's got the leg & more importantly the head.

Weakest arm of the bunch just caught up with him, Brohm and Marve both have strong, accurate arms and Willy was just miles ahead of him.

.... However ,Lirim has a stronger leg than Willy....tough to dispute that :roll: ( I think you might have posted in the wrong thread)

Congrats to Lirim on being named the CFL West Special Teams Player of the Year. :rockin: