Lirim Hajrullahu works out for Seahawks

Canadian kicker Lirim Hajrullahu works out for Seattle Seahawks

ByJustin Dunk
January 10, 2019

That is…unexpected.

Can’t hurt his negotiating position, even if he stays in the CFL.

Couldn’t believe this when I read the headline… ?

Is it funny because “Seahawks” reminds you of the naughty word “Sh–hawks”?

Isn’t this a bit of a stretch for Pete Carroll?

If he doesn’t have to do kickoffs he might do alright. ;D

it’s funny because i wouldn’t work him out with a high school team.

Safe to conclude that you evaluate kickers based on different criteria and/or standards than the Seattle Seahawks.

So even guys with average season performances in the CFL are getting NFL looks now? Odd.

he was a fine FG kicker, but good lord, the punting was subpar. KOs weren’t great either

If Brett Maher can make the starting roster of the Dallas Cowboys, even Liam has a shot at making an NFL roster, IMO.

I would never sign him, but with the AAFL and XFL starting up, the NFL is now clearly experiencing a shortage of talent to draw from, and consequently looking to CFL rosters for that talent.

If Lirim is back with the Cats this year, then the off-season is like a golfer working on his swing mechanics . Sometimes another set of eyes can spot a flaw that is messing up your game . Working out for NFL teams can make you a better kicker and we all know that “Better is better”.

The one kicker you have to feel for is the Chicago Bear kid, Cody Parkey . His potential game winning kick was tipped at the line, bounced off the upright and then bounced off the crossbar and then fell harmlessly into the field of play . The Bears lost and the kid will remember that moment for the rest of his life .

Pat Lynch (the old Ozzie fan)

45 yards a punt and 85+% on FGs as a national doing all kicking jobs and some still aren’t happy.

Not shocking…

I think the “unhappy? is related to his untimely kickoffs or punts going out of bounds causing us to defend a short field. They always seemed to happen at the worse times. Other than that, he’s alright.

Agreed, but there is no chance Seattle is working him out on all three roles – likely FG only, I would think. They have an opening there.


Armchair kickers put to the test

Never understood this. Nobody says it’s so easy they could do it.

“Well if you could do better you go do it.”. I don’t think I could do it. They’re the professional, I’m not.

I don’t think many football players could come off the street and be successful in many different jobs we find “easy”.

Reminds me of Luca Congi (spelling)