Lirim Hajrullahu still making the rounds

I think many teams still treat kickers as an add on to their team. They dont tend to draft kickers, probably dont scout for them. They don't really value them.
Weird because generally they are the teams highest scorers.
Raiders drafted Punter Ray Guy number one once and their punting was looked after for 20 years and Jankowski was a high pick and that position was looked after for 20 years as well.
I believe EE drafted Dave Cutler and Lions drafted Passaglia as well.
Heck often CFL teams go into TC without a kicker at all.
Buono always had good kickers being a former kicker himself. He always said nothing deflates an offense more than marching down the field and then missing the FG.


Buono must have felt really bad watching his old Lions doing that all season. Reilly marches the offence down to the 15 yard line and ends up only getting 1 point. :roll_eyes:

13 years for the placekicker but I get your point.

Thanks. I was going off memory . Clearly thats gone faulty.

Lirim had a good day with the Cowboys : 5/5 on extra points and 6 touchbacks on 6 kickoffs .
I heard one announcer on post game just completely butcher his last name . If your job is to speak well then do your job !

Pat Lynch (Hajrullahu is just the way it sounds :laughing:)

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I think the game has changed since Buono days; we also had Bernie Ruoff and then Ozzie.
Now when a kicker that has a good year with us...we show'em the door...can't be all money related??

Lirim's back to listening to Willie, singing "On the Road Again:"

He should have his agent contact the Packers, Mason Crosby's having a horrible year kicking. Lots of teams are, actually, so I feel as if it's a "global" issue this year for kickers.

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Not the first time he was cut by Dallas. Zuerlein just missed the extra point (3 this year) so maybe Liram will get another chance.

As long as you say halapeno and not jalapeno

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Is that how they say it in Kosovo? :stuck_out_tongue:

He missed a FG too. Good news for the Raiders...

56 yard attempt. But the Raider's guy came through with a long field goal for the win.
I understand that the Ti-Cats released Liram to pursue his NFL fortunes. To repay the favor, maybe Liram could reappear for the Grey Cup game.

I personally believe that he's OK with being a career-long emergency kicker in the NFL. If he's able to play a few games per year, he can still (probably) make more than in the CFL, and there will be less wear-and-tear on his body. Face it, Kickers in the NFL rarely have to cover returns...