Lirim Hajrullahu still making the rounds

3downnation article By Dunk implies that he's still trying to make it in the NFL - the Washington Whatevers. I really don't see him back here this year - if at all.

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That’s six NFL teams I counted who he’s had at least a tryout with. I don’t expect him back in the CFL this year but a definite possibility for 2022. Question is will we outbid other teams for him?

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Hey Ticats, wake up!

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Meanwhile in other news the 1rst place 9 - 1 Bombers not content to sit on their hands have signed another ex-Cat kicker in Sergio Castillo .

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Well the article states that ..."The 5 foot , 9 , 196-pound Castillo returns to the Blue Bombers after beginning his career in Canada with Winnipeg in 2015 "

That statement certainly sounds like he and Winnipeg have agreed on a contract to me .

Interesting. Another team improving on a weakness.


I get chasing the money, but at some point most realize that stability is just as important. Hopefully we see Hajrullahu back in the CFL.

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If the Cats really falter down the stretch and then blow the Grey Cup appearance it might be time to start looking for a new GM.

They might want to lure Danny Mac back to Hamilton. As an assistant GM to Kyle Walters he has helped to assemble quite an impressive team in Winnipeg. Danny has quite the scouting resume also. He has a history here in Hamilton and it might be time for him to run his own team as a GM.

I see a perfect fit. :grinning:

Something, something... sitting on their hands, something...

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Castillo to Bombers for 4th round pick in 2022

Biggest weaknesses at this point in season are:

  1. Winnipeg Place-Kicker (filled today)
  2. Established QB in Edmonton
  3. Head coach in Elkville
  4. Back-up QB in Winnipeg
  5. GM in Ottawa
  6. HC in Ottawa
  7. OC in Regina
  8. OC/HC in Vancouver
  9. Punter in Winnipeg (partially filled w/ Castillo)

bobo82 posted this already, it was the 4th post in the thread.

Danny Mac is prolly first on the list in at least 2 CFL markets!
Ottawa - Hamilton - Edmonton

Also can't see Hufnagel trudging on for more than 2 years!

By that time, Dickenson might be taking over, and BLM will be coaching... lol

I would put #3 at the top.

And he can punt if they wanted to go 1 kicker.

Dave Dick might have 1 year of being GM & head coach at the same time!
But after that - yep - - - - Dave will be GM, Bo prolly head coach!

Here's the guy who will lose his job when Castillo joins the Bombers:

“I don’t really spend much time thinking about that, that’s kinda out of my pay grade,” said Mourtada. “There’s guys that are part of this organization that are here to make those decisions and I’m here to kick a football. All my energy is focused on the process day-by-day.”
“If you start worrying about what other people are doing or what’s being said — all that sort of stuff — that really takes your focus away. I’ve found a way of thinking where I just focus in on what I gotta do and execute that every single day,” he said.

“There’s only a certain amount of energy that you have, so if you spend too much time thinking about other things you can’t get at what you need to get done.”

(Here’s what’s going on with Winnipeg’s kicking situation following the addition of Sergio Castillo)

It's funny how you never hear a quote like this: "Man, I'm really bad at this job. I thought I could do it, but I really can't. Coaches definitely made the right decision."

Especially guys who get an NFL try-out and get cut. It's always due to "politics", never because the other guy was better.


Not been watching the Cats much, have you?

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