Lirim Hajrullahu signs with Los Angeles Rams

Having read the origins I think it is a cool nickname, one he wears proudly.

Hajrullahu might be the best kicker without an NFL job right now in my opinion. ( Not really knowing all his competition)
In hindsight I think he might have picked the wrong team to commit to this offseason in teh LA Rams. Other teams were interested, and I wonder if he would be in a lineup right now ,if he went to a different training camp.
I would be shocked if he is not back with the Tigercats next season.


Here's hopin' on both accounts . :grinning:

Pat Lynch (the old dude)

Could someone please remind me ... who was favoured to kick & punt for the Ticats in 2020, had there been a season?

Here is the only kicker on our "current" roster:


The Jets chose Sergio. That's gotta hurt. Good for Sergio though.
On the bright side, the NFL PR Squad makes only about as much per week as Hajrullahu would usually make as a Ticat (pre-Covid salary anyways).

Actually he scored 5 TDs but a flag was incorrectly thrown on one of his pass receptions . Not bad for a 2nd round pick ! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Pat Lynch (the old Steeler fan)


I hope he is not going to be "always the bridesmaid and never the bride".

(On a selfish note, while I hope he has success in the NFL, I do hope he comes back to the Tabbies next year).


I am not sure why our Eagles are giving him a workout - our kicker is good already now and our kicking game is not our challenge!

Maybe they want to have somebody in mind to push him for this game coming up and to keep him on his best.

And also this could be a dirty financial move, for if Lirim is as competent, they could sign him for less. I'm not a fan any more of our general manager at all. He needs to go and many locals feel the same.

This is what 3DownNation said about Sergio Castillo's practice roster contract:

"The Jets wanted to have an emergency option available in-house to be prepared for a positive COVID-19 case."

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A lot of teams are doing the same thing with long-snappers. I heard on one broadcast, that a few of them were going to (or already had) retire, but teams want to keep at least two of them on their rosters. There's usually an "emergency" guy every game, but if one gets a serious injury, the team is screwed.


It's just for preparation, in case of the other kicker goes down due to the virus.


Maybe time for a call to Lirum

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I wonder how Jon Brown gets to call himself a "kicker" if he has never actually "kicked"?? :smile:

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I guess I better re-start my training for next season given the apparent shortage of healthy pro kickers?

"And now we have at kicker 50-year old Paolo, who is in after the (insert team name) have lost four kickers to positive tests for COVID and one to a bizarre raccoon incident."


Sign him up, Eagles. Sign him up. LOL!

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With so many kickers struggling, and with Covid always being a risk, I don't understand why Lirim has no NFL job, and now the Ram's kicker that beat him out is apparently having trouble. I am so confused.


I share your confusion and wonder if Matthew White is a poor kicker as he did not choose to get an NFL look but re-upped with us. Unless he has secretly been a lifetime CFL fan not going for an NFL opportunity really makes me wonder about his ability to kick. (I hope I am wrong, btw).




Year Team G Punts Yds Avg
2015 Monm 11 55 2189 39.8
2016 Monm 11 44 1705 38.8
2017 Monm 12 52 2080 40.0
Career 36 151 5974 39.6


Year Team G FGM FGA Pct XPM XPA Pct Pts
2014 Monm 2 0 0 – 3 3 100.0 3
2015 Monm 11 8 14 57.1 26 27 96.3 50
2016 Monm 11 8 11 72.7 26 29 89.7 50
2017 Monm 12 3 4 75.0 12 14 85.7 21
Career 36 19 29 65.5 67 73 91.8 124

Pat Lynch (the old guy)


I should have asked my old friend "The Google" myself. Thanks for doing that for me @PatLynch.

Here is more info on Matthew. Perhaps he is suited for the CFL with his directional punting skills?