LIONSvs. TICATS Game Thread

Ummmmmm..... Offside call

Davis has to run forward more...not side ways all the time.

BC "D" full of holes..

As you may have guessed.... Barker isn't much at catching the ball. On the ticat board there's a thread devoted to wondering if he'll ever hold onto an interception.

Cobb is having a good game

I want Hamilton to score here! make the game close! always fun with a close game! :slight_smile:

BC looking good. The Hamilton DB’s aren’t keeping up

Now BC moving at will

Williams gone with the bicep injury...BC will be in tough for the rest of the year without him...not good

Picked off, Hamilton on the move now

Gift wrapped INT from CP

Agreed... I think that's 2 out for the year on the D-line now (Pittman & Williams)... hopefully Hunt gets back soon!

Let me guess..they going to run Cobb for the rest of the game

integrity and proper sportsmanship is more important than winning. if a team does not display integrity and good sportsmanship, then I dont want them to win. simple as that.

Surprisingly..... it's working (unlike all but 1 other game this year).

I think CP wants to make it a close game..throwing too many INTs

Interesting change of events, Hamilton climbs closer

How do you call a penalty... the right one... then change the call to something that's wrong? Explain that one to me!

Interesting my assets! Blocking in the back is not legal in any league's rules no matter where the ball was caught! I guess we can look for that referee thread to continue. :roll: At least Suitor gets it but what a horsecrap call.

Those old fart ref's making up new rules tonight?