LIONSvs. TICATS Game Thread

I believe they did call it because the Lion player was grabbing his arm.. I for one think it was legit.

and the Lions are looking pretty good!

bad news for Edmonton.. oh wait doesn't really matter :stuck_out_tongue:

both teams aren't looking too bad at all..

Poor Eskimo's :cry:

Cheap hit combined with those stupid sideline signs...someone is going to loose an eye

At least EE can score more than 2 pts in a game...against one of the bottom teams.

Amazing what these old farts for ref’s are seeing for penalties tonight. What are they pushing 80 yrs old? Hope my eye sight is half as good at that age.

that was sad 5440.

have you beaten Calgary yet? No?? shucks.

Jimenez better look out with his attitude… Marcel won’t take too much of that.

Anybody want Jimenez?

Jimenez and Coach Bellefeuille having a discussion on the sidelines.

Thanks Tad...

Anybody want Jimenez?
I remember when he took out the player a few years back ( Edmonton or was it Calgary? ) and the BC Fans on this forum said he was a saint - the kindest hardest player and that Jimenez represented BC very well

well someone should take a penalty for the team and show him what a cheap shot can do to a player when they aren't looking.

maybe Jimenez will then realize that it's really dirty and you aren't making any friends by doing that.

this lions fan has been against both players since they first showed what they about.

Can't paint everyone witht eh same brush nythril... some of us wanted to see the footage... I don't think people figured nothing happened, but it's hard to prove what everyone was assuming without footage! Simply put though, he's a thug, no question, but I'd rather have him on my team as opposed to the oppositions...

thats really stupid.

didn't you say you would cheer against the Lions in the playoffs becaue of Jimenez's actions that year? :?

yup, and I did.

not a true Lion fan then... so who is going to make you jump off the bandwagon this year? :roll:

Dude had some heat on that TiCat punt