LIONSvs. TICATS Game Thread

Were the Lions for real last week? Can their O-Line protect Casey and will their D-Line hold together long enough? Are the 'Cats just pretenders? Can their Offensive Coordinator (Gibson) plan his way out of a paper bag?
Let the game begin.

I wonder.. will it be a good game?

O.K.; I can hardly wait for this matchup as I'm lookin forward to the Lion's opening a can of Steve Austin's Wham-O. So,

Flicker,flicker,flicker........POW.....POW.........Show it to me. Go LIon's Go :rockin:

May the spirit of Winfield guide Arland Bruce; May the gentility of Mosca inhabit Matt Kirk; may Casey Printers channel Casey Printers circa 2008. :slight_smile:

Don't know which I want Eastern crossover to make history, or a Tillman-led Esks making a miraculous comeback for a playoff birth. Either way, the cause requires Hamilton to play well tonight...

GO CATS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eastern cross-over!

If it's half as good as yesterdays game I'll be happy

Let's Go Lions....2nd win at home with many to come (hopefully)

Too bad the Stamps didn't show up for that one.

Here we go, B.C. on their own 37 yd. line

Shivers might not be much of a loss.

Stupid rule

Lion's shoot themselves in the foot, now have to punt

Hamilton on the move now after a B.C. single.

Are you looking to be the next TSN comentator?

Mann complained that he wasn't getting enough passes. 2 Good ones so far.

Nice Ticat cheap shot

Didn't like Jimenez before this year, don't like him with the 'Cats.

CP is crafty

CP does it again...gotto like that