Lions are finished!!!!

No there'e not finished....they are #1 in the standings, One regular season win over the Lion's is nothing, the road through Alberta will be closed...all rider fan's report to the grain scales, the cow crap your trucking is whey to heavy...

Somewhat off subject since this posting really has no title or direction.....

How are ticket sales for the game? Expecting a big crowd?

Well what else was there to reply with in a thread like this?

What a stupid baka, making a comment on this team's forum like that! SOB!!!

Lions may do good in regular season but will fall in playoffs

...if the weather is nice... looks to be a pretty good crowd Sportsmen....however fans should be reminded to buy a programme to identify the Bombers.....I think they're through introducing themselves to each other....and the new Uni's will probably lend to the confusion...I think we know who the Lions are though.... happy 75th....goBigBLUE....and Gold... 8)

Weather nice? I heard you guys were getting snow…or is our radio station pulling a Marty York…

WHEN …are the weather guys ever right…if it snows then at least the mosquitoes will be kept to a minimum… :smiley:

The boy and I are thinking of taking our paper bags to the game......just in case Dickinson decides to put up 70 points on our D......anyone else bringing a paper bag........

if the "d" can get some pressure on dickenson and hurt his already aching body, the bombers will win. if not, it's gonna be a long day for the big blue, but wotever happens, i'll NEVER WEAR A PAPER BAG OVER MY HEAD FOR BEING A BOMBER FAN!!! LOL!

Don't be embarrassed, there's never a need to be ashamed of your team, even if they are having a bad year. Be proud, because only if the fans have pride, will the team get better.

actually talented players and coaches are more important

I'll finish this thread by saying GO BOMBERS!!!!!

the season isnt over yet, if they dont play like there is no tomorrow, the paper bag goes on......I have been a fan for over 30 years and am trying to get my 8 year old hooked, we had fun at the games last year as we won more home games then we lost.....but this year is a different story, he doesnt even want to go to the games anymore....still 3 more home games to go this year, maybe things will change I hope so for his sake......

No need to put on a paper bag because your 8 year old will be hooked again once he sees the Bombers snag a win from the BC Lions at home.
C'mon Blue & Gold. Don't let us down tomorrow!

So true boys, I got my icks, and ready to see the bombers beat the snot out of the lions.

Let's Go Bombers Let's Go!!

Bombers playing for pride need to beat the Lions. Now is a good time. But I think the Lions will start to show up.

Well the Lions have played like sh*t so far. It should be 28-16 Bombers if the refs didn't rob Stokes of his kick return TD.