Lions WR Rhymes requests trade - edit: re-signed

Lions WR Rhymes requests trade

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trade him and get as much as they can. he knows his stats are going to take a hit without Rourke so he wants to cash in now. his value is highest it will ever be and Lions can benefit. i really dislike players that don’t honour contracts and if he doesn’t want to be here then get assets for him.

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Not getting along with coaches or teammates?
lack of money?
Things were and still are looking up in BC. I wonder if we will ever know the reason

it says the reasons right there in the articles

here let me do it for you :roll_eyes:

CFL all-star receiver Dominique Rhymes has requested a trade from the B.C. Lions due to a financial dispute with the team, according to a report from TSN’s Farhan Lalji.

“BC Lions Dominique Rhymes has asked for a trade. He was due to make 110k next season but the new market for top receivers has him wanting more. BC did offer him a raise but it wasn’t acceptable. His agent has permission to look at trade options with other teams.”

I am in the middle of reading it I am on a beach in the Caribbean and not doing as much cfl stuff this past week and for the next two weeks.
Was just making conversation and also many given reasons for stuff like this are often not the entire story.

then don’t ask before you read lol

and stop gloating about the beach.

too bad they are losing him, he is a great receiver

he is but he’s replaceable. think Hatcher and Whitehead are going to have a big years.

i’m mostly interested in what the Lions are going to do for a run game now that Butler appears to be off to play with BLM. they need to replace Butler for sure.

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Pickin BC to challenge for first place in the west

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that’s optimistic. i think challenging for second yes. i’m thinking Elks will be very strong this year and i feel like Stamps will take a step back. Riders will likely still suck.

that Saskatchewan team i cheer for...well they will not even be in the also ran category this coming season.

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my condolences. your team is in a dark place. i know what this is like, since i’m a Canucks fan lol.

yea, some years are tough. off to the beach now. but it is raining here today so it will be a beach bar crawl for most of the day.

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woah. unexpected tuen of events here:

Guess the Lions decided to pay him more than they initially wanted to after all. Good move on their part