Lions @ Winnipeg

The Bob Tribute was very nice and set the tone for the game! Some of my fav things Tonight:

  1. The Hit Claremont took and Hung on and got back up!WOW
  2. He's BACK.........Simon and the Pose! he looked great not just the receptions and TD's but the ball snatch grab and run from Malveux (dude that was awsume!)
  3. The lil guy with the big run that will replace Joe Smith if Joe dosn't prove himself soon!
  4. Tyrone Williams intensity from start to finish the the owner of a warrior of the game watch
    5.Simon giving the ball from the TD to Wally's 80 year old friend on the sidelines he looked truely touched at the jester!
  5. The fire in they eyes of the players for a much desereved much needed win after the bad 1st 2 games and the loss of bob!

GO LIONS!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Had to miss the game for a family outing but, by the sound of it, we're back in tip top form.

Geroy's finding his stride again....look out when that happens.

One thing I must ask - who's running the Lion's site (time to wake up)? - the score is backwards???? I got home and clicked on here and saw it in reverse...thought maybe I'd missed something (whew).

Anyhow, we were slow out of the gate but I had confidence we'd get back into the game.


I only hope know that the hype starts building for next fridays game Bob Ackles Night , it would be a real insult by the fans if we did not get least 40,000.

This re-match could be a great re-match. Hope it lives up to its “billing”.