Lions win! DD's stats GET BETTER! game to watch tonight...Lions were EVIL on offence.

And Dickenson's completion % actually went up AGAIN - he was 35-45 with over 450 yards and 3 TD's! That's just plain CREEPY!

Woo hoo!

Lions ROCK!

Offence was awesome tonight , Dickenson just became unstoppable as the game went on . Henry Burris , as good as he was, just couldn't sustain the pace Dave was laying out.
Hope some of the Dickenson detractors were watching this game. This is the DD that many of us know from many games in the past and why some think he is still a better QB than Printers. This is no knock on CP , but Dickenson at is best is simply the best there is and he proved himself tonight . And to the many DD naysayers out there , well you suck.

Thank you Lions, from all bomber fans.

it was a great game! It was made even sweeter by the 6 Stamps fans who were ejected throughout the game for being drunk a$$

Hey , no problem.

lions move to 5-0 after a stellar offense ran by DD