Lions win! Als choke!

Hot hand? How does losing your final three regular season games, including getting annihilated by Edmonton, then squeaking out of Hamilton with an OT win constitute a "hot hand". Not saying that BC can't win the game - but they aren't exactly on some kind of "hot streak". The closest thing in the league to that was Hamilton before yesterday, and we know how that ended.

Easy to talk trash with 60 posts :slight_smile:

How many accounts is it now :lol:

Lions will be lucky to get three decent practices this week.

Our operatives are in position at the airport as we prepare to scatter the guys luggage and team bags across the country.

Our other operatives are plastering Lions forums and player emails with links to the best massage parlors in Montreal and our most prized operative is preparing to erase all the pirated Tony Robbins material off of Casey's Ipod.

We got it all figured out.

La Grande busted? :lol:

Good one HfxTC! :thup:

Man, this whole unknown CP factor now has to make the Als very uneasy I'd say plus Mallet's ability to move the mail, should be one interesting game I'd say.

These sound like rider tactics, LOL. Sounds like someone is getting scared for these kinda of tactics, he-he

Didn't the Commies try this in the 1972 Summit Series? We all know the outcome of that series. :smiley:

Beating a rested, talented, well coached Montreal team in Montreal will be a tall order for BC – not at all impossible, but very tough just the same. An overconfident Als team will not be an issue since based on past performance over the last several years, and up to and including the last time these two teams met, the Als really have nothing to be overconfident about. Despite the fact that the Lions were not a particularly good football team this year, I am willing to bet my house that if the Als were able to choose any team in the league as their opponent this weekend, the last team they would want to play in a sudden death eastern final is BC.

The riders wrote the book about lucking out big time with their 07 WF win in BC. Is not anyone else allowed to have a peek at the rider book of luck????

How is Printers unknown? He played in the league last season. He had his MOP year with the Lions. And the Als will have four games of film on him from this year. It's not like B.C. brought in a CFL newcomer in the final quarter of the Eastern Semi to beat Hamilton.