Lions win! Als choke!

Montreal's worst nightmare has come true!

The only team that could consistently match up with the Als will be in the Big Owe next Sunday in Montreal.
Can you say, Le Grande Choke???

Montreal has been the best team all season so I wouldn't count them out at all. They are still a heavy favorite.

pffft..keep dreaming pal..

Als win big.

With me being a Alouettes fans, this new Casey Scares the crap out of me. There O is looking very good. Hope my defence will come to play next Sunday because there going to have there work cut out for them. Especially if Printers can get on his wheels like Burris did to us last year at the Grey Cup. Bc's defence on the other hand, doesn't impress me. If Anthony is ready to go and gets his rythm going we can be in for a real shootout!

If I was the Als and the "new" Casey with the o-line like the Leos had today, I'd be a tad concerned if I was the Also, for sure. And, and BC can run the ball as well. long as we don't get all those procedure penalties...

You're telling me! There were what, 6 of them?

There might be 55000 + at the Big O....If u think it was loud in Hamilton today, watch out!

I say it's even money that "Charlie Brown," aka Anthony Calvillo, will find a way to lose :cry:

Blowing the lead with a long field and the clock working in your favor in one game and needing all 3 levels of officiating to screw up simultaneously in order to squeeak out a win at home is not what Id call consistently matching up. Thats more like hoping lightning will strike the same place twice. There really hasnt been anyone that consistently matched up with the als this year

I love how lions fans still think that they won that game at BC place fair and square and that it didnt take them 3 tries to stop a 3rd an inches play. The als have only lost 1 game legitimately with Calvillo at the helm and I doubt he will lose his second of the season and the first game the als would lose on home turf

im just shocked an als fan has actually posted here. im not sure if i have seen an als fan on here since i came on in may.

Not looking hard enough then theres a fair amount of regular als posters that are regulars here like RO and HfxTx. Theres also a whole section for als discussion where a fair number of als fans reside. You gotta be trying to avoid us. Especially when that whole mess with the lions game first happened als fans were up in arms and were on the main section.

One reason you might not see too many is that the als generate very little controversy thus making for less interesting discussions and commenting on other less successful teams comes of like gloating

i didnt have internet for Bit during that fiasco. i guess the als fans just dont complain enough

There were 9 during the course of the game.

Beating the Als...We beat them once, almost beat them a second time, and that was without CP at the controls.

This time is going to be quite different. I expect a strong showing from the Lions this time, and a convincing win.

Ummm that win in BC can be directly credited to the refs. The game tying point shouldve been on the foot of Duval. Noguarantee the defence holds but there is no one that can think that the lions won that game cleanly or have it as something to build upon.

I do see the lions as a good challenge for the als though and I hope they will come in and take them very seriously and fully expect a sound beating this time around. The bumps and bruises are healed so theres no reason why I wouldnt expect that als to romp to a convincing win at home

I believe that the game will be close but I'm still expecting the Als to win. The noise level will give the BC offense all kinds of problems.

The BC Lions seem to playing with a hot hand right now. Will the Als take them lightly. I doubt it but you have to figure that the Lions confidence has shot through the roof. This will not be an easy task for the Lions but the Als can be had. Wally Bouno is a very good coach and just might have Casey going in the right direction. The Als have a good coach as well but complacency may hurt this team. Going into this game I would give the edge to Als but not by much. The pressure of playing at home can be a real bugger.

Maybe they speak a different language_ jESack la K.C. :stuck_out_tongue:

Given how close the two games between them were this season, I doubt that the Als will take BC lightly.

I don't think any Als player or coach is taking B.C. lightly. It's going to be a hard-fought game. However, the game is in Montreal, with 55,000 screaming fans. We have the edge of home-field advantage, if nothing else.