Lions will roar all over the Ticats

BC is saving their best for the playoffs. It's truly amazing that the Lions made the playoffs considering the injuries they've had to endure at QB and Centre, but they're here and I think we're better than the TigerCats. Most of the Lions players have been to the playoffs before and won the Grey Cup, but you can't say the same for Hamilton. Lions have the better coach, the experience and are underdogs.

Go with BC FTW.

Printers will have his finger that is already hurt, hurt way more in the first half and out of the game then Buck comes in and his shoulder gets hurt again, well, you know where this story is going.
Cats by a MINIMUM of 14, shouldn't even be close. :wink:

Why don't you play QB for the Lions?

They might need me on Sunday. I've got the size, maybe i'll give Wally a shout tomorrow.

I was just thinking how funny it'd be if someone went to the game with a sign that said something like, "Wally, if Printers goes down, I can play QB!" :lol:

You mean

"Wally when Printers goes down, I can play QB"

...if by 'roar' you mean 'puke' then I agree with you RLR...maybe it's 'ralph' I'm thinking, it's 'roar'....

Oh don't worry RaW, its not much longer til the Stamps can blow their chance of playing the Grey Cup at home again.

Well... like the old Bomber players came back to finish off their old team... time for the old Lions players to put the Lions to sleep...

Floyd is going to run roughshod!!

And in Hamilton... we know how good Printers is when he's playing with a sore thumb..... the D are licking their chops!!

Deandra Cobb and AB3 will be picking apart the terrible Lion's D all day baby!
GO CATS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!