Lions Will Make Playoffs!

[b]Edmonton is just HORRIBLE and Winnipeg will get beat over and over by Montreal and Toronto!

The Lions ONLY need to Win 5 Games and they are in!

ANYTHING can happen in the Playoffs![/b]

Is there any point to getting excited about a team that might limp into the playoffs only by virtue of being slightly better than the worst teams in the league? Yes anything can happen in the playoffs but we all know what is most likely to happen : a complete drubbing by a vastly superior team, much like what happened last year. Making the playoffs is the least of BC's concerns right now. I'd say stopping the quarterback from being pummeled on every play is a good place to start. Or I don't know, perhaps winning another game.

I also think theyll make the playoffs. But all that gets you is an asswhooping. Remember last year...

But we only play Edmonton one more time and even that one is not a gimme.

Seriously, until we fire Chapdelaine, we may only win one more game (Edmonton) this season.

I wonder if Korey Banks can play QB ???????

You sound like my wife. Appreciate your optimism; really wish I shared it. I don't. I agree about firing Jacques; I would suggest replacing him with Danny Barrett, or even Matt Dunnigan if either were available

I'm with Pasta. Get jacked up and enjoy the rush. I don't see anything in this league that scares me. Henry Burris, Calvillo, Durant - we hadèm all on the run.

I have always been of the mindset that just squeaking in would do more harm then good. Much like the canucks who lived with medocracy for years ( not now ) . If the desire is to rebuild then blowing it up is the way to go. If the desire is to tweak what you have then yah fighting for that last play off spot is probably an achievable goal with Printers back in the fold. However if at 4 or 5 wins they sneak in - mostly like no changes will occur.

What if we squeek in and win it all?
What if your grandmother had whiskers?

what about my gramma's whiskers??

these by weeks are gonna be hard on us all. hang in there.

yup. I be hanging on tight to ole gramma's whiskers :wink:

Won't be hard on me dude. I'm looking forward to not having to read about yet another Lions' loss!

As far as the Lions making the playoffs goes, I'm not holding my breath. They squeaked in last season by the hair on their chinny chin chins. A narrow win against Hamilton in the playoffs and a good ole fashioned whooping by Montreal to send them packing. Yes, if they make it into the playoffs "anything" can happen. The opposition could lose by default. The final score could be 112- 6 in favor of the opposition.

The Lions are doing now what all teams must do. They are paying their dues. Hamilton did. Toronto has done it. All of the teams go through it. I think the Lions are playing as best as they can with the talent they have at the present time. They are giving us honest football by playing the best they can. It's gotta be tough losing game after game but when all is said and done they will continue to give their best and over a couple of drinks congratulate the opposition for a job well done.

The CFL is in the entertainment business just like theatre. As a business the objective is to make a profit by putting the best product on the field as possible and keeping as many fans in the stands as possible. They are selling entertainment.

Eventually the Lions will once again be a force to be reckoned with just like they were from around 2003 to 2007. It'll happen again but I don't think this year.

I hear thee - still its my one joy in life but gotta admit I don't look forward to the game highlights after the fact like I used to.
Remember old Rob Murphy pinning honking big defensive linemen down by the throat - those were the days man !

Oh yes.... yes I do remember. What glorious days those were!

Winnipeg just PROVED my point Tonight!


Pssst......I'll whisper so as not to wake you up from your dream. Should the Lions get into the playoffs they will be facing not one, not two, but three formidable opponents! And the Lions will have to beat ALL three of them!

Calgary, Saskatchewan, Montreal and yes even Toronto appear to be in a league all by themselves this year. While I believe the Lions could have been much higher in the standings at this stage of the season we can't argue with facts. They are 1-7! They are the cellar dwellers of the CFL and rightly so. I don't see much changing at the rate they're going. To go into the playoffs with a 5-13 record would be pathetic in my opinion. But like you say it could happen given the way the CFL playoffs are set up. Would I personally want to see a David and Goliath match-up? Not really even if my team were the Goliath. A 56-18 thrashing doesn't do much for me. [Montreal vs Lions 2009 Final] Is it likely that a cellar dweller could pull off three consecutive victories against superior teams? Only in our dreams....only in our dreams.

More QB protection guys. More QB protection!!

The Dream NEVER Dies....Just The DREAMER

Then we all best stop dreaming..............if we want to live. lol

Live long and prosper. :smiley:

Start winning some games, and why not?

Thank god, EE is just as bad right now