Lions will be real tough Sunday!

Without a doubt the Leo's are going to be ready to play on Sunday. I'd discount that last game they had with Edmonton as they were down to their fifth string QB. Printers should play and I think Loulay is going to be ready to go. As far as Printers goes, I never liked him here but I think he knows BC took a chance on him when everyone else gave up on him so he'd better fish or cut bait. Having said that, I think if we can keep him from getting to the outside and pressure him in the pocket, we can shut him down. :cowboy:

I think Hamilton will have no problem with the Lions and if Ccasey plays, the injured thumb will be a factor.

Hamilton 37
BC LIons 20

It will be a tough game Kirk. Keep saying that. I hope the players do too

BC's defence is bad, and we'll move the ball and score against them. That's my prediction.

With Casey's bad thumb, the D will look great yet again.

Hope the players aren't cocky and overconfident like you. I'm prepared for a tough game. I hope you are right but it would be a mistake to bet on it

Me too. I'm also counting on their professionalism. Low turnovers and few penalties shows me this team prepares well. Good job Marcel!


I'm sure that BC will be tough to beat this Sunday. This is the playoffs, lose and you're done.

I also believe we are a better team than them, and having the home field should be an advantage, but we should still not take them lightly. I think the TiCats will be focused as they have been for the past few weeks, and they will execute methodically and come up with the win again.

Keep costly mistakes to a minimum, don't allow BC to make the big play, execute the game plan, and we will be on our way to Montreal.


We just have to play the same way we have in the past four games and I believe we can easily win this game. Printers' thumb should, at the very least, slow him down and make his throws less accurate. As a result, it could be a big game for our defensive backs. But, if his thumb is not an issue, we are in for a heck of a game because Printers has looked very good in the past few games.
I think D'Andra' Cobb will have another great game and,of course, success on the ground will open our passing attack.
We should win this one by two touchdowns, but anything can happen.

Marcel will keep everyone focused and level headed this week. B.C. has to find someway of stopping Deandra Cobb or they are in for a very long afternoon. Their run defense was none existent against Edmonton, Winnipeg and twice against Cobb. They are not going to be anymore successful this weekend. 30,000 plus at Ivor Wynne making it a nightmare for whomever plays at Q.B. for B.C. The only thing that truly concerns me and it's a big concern is that we are playing against the winningest coach in C.F.L, history. With all that I think Wally does not have the horses this year. Ticats big.

BC's defense surrendered more yards than any other team and they gave up the second most points.

Also, by far the worst run defense, giving up an average or more than 138 yards per game. Go Cobb! ( again)

BC's defense also has the worst yards against per pass.

ive got a lot of confidence in greg marshall's preperations for this coming sunday. i hope we do key someone on casey so he won't beat us with his feet ,, also, simon and mallett scare me.. on offence, i think we must/can/will establish the run like the 2 previous games vs bc. they are very soft vs the run and we dont need to get stuck throwing the ball on 2nd and long because they have a decent pass rush and experienced gambling type db's.
overall,, i think we win 24-17.

3 Keys to winning against BC

  1. Ball control, pound Cobb all day
  2. Turnovers, limit ours, increase theirs
  3. Line play, good blocking on O, pressure on D

BC will be tough and we won't take them lightly. Remember Winnipeg on Thanksgiving? Well that won't happen again.

I see a Ticat victory and it won't be close. It will be like the Captain said. Our D just has not to run into each other and well be fine.

I'll tell you right now that a Wally Buono coached team is going to be well prepared. Maybe Printers is not 100% but they do have Lulay ready and this guy is good. They have a lot of good offensive weapons that are impact players. If it's Printers or Lulay, we must keep them from getting outside. Our DE's have to contain and force these guys inside and pound them. No doubt we have the horses and momentum but we need to be at the top of our game on Sunday. :cowboy:

Similar to others, I'm worried about the following:

  1. Printer's play making ability outside of the pocket, either with his legs or deep passes to receivers who adjust their routes on a scramble drill. Plus, wouldn't he love to show up Hamilton, just like Kevin Glenn did WPG. Remember, he lost a huge contract b/c we cut him.

  2. Geroy Simon and Paris Jackson taking advantage of Bo Smith and a young inexperienced safety in Dylan Barker. You can't over look the fact that WPG receivers were open, Bishop just couldn't get on the same page with them.

  3. BC's pass rush. They still had the most sacks in the league even though they lost Wake.

  4. Wally Buono will have his team well prepared. Tonnes of experience here.

  5. BC (Grice-Mullen) has a better return game on ST than we do. With shorter punts from Ito, they will have significant field advantage due to decent returns.

  6. Nothing to lose. BC will be more focused as they are coming off a big loss and now they have nothing to lose. Plus, internally they will probably play up the 'underdog' role and feed of that.

  7. Hamilton has won three in a row. They are due for a let down after a HUGE win over WPG. I hope I'm wrong, but they might be overly happy about hosting a playoff game and not be as prepared to win it.

I'll be there, cheering loudly, but man am I nervous leading up to this game.

It The Playoffs Anything can happen

I wouldn't put too much into Casey's sprained thumb. By now, it could be perfectly fine, but Wally Buono is too smart to reveal this. I see that some of the entries on this thread think we have an advantage because of Casey's "injury."

Maybe so, maybe not!

All the preamble from the past season would appear to favour Hamilton, but nothing is certain until we send the Lions packing and crawling back to Vancouver with a loss.

What about Nick Setta? It appears that now that he is practicing, he may be ready to play. I suppose that from this, we are to assume he is close to 100%. But is he?

Injuries have been used for years in football as a psychological ploy. Don't believe everything you hear in the media.

Remember the hype around Jason Maas' entry into Hamilton. Well, he was damaged goods and for that matter, so was Casey Printers when he became a Ticat.

The real evidence will be on the field.

This is the first time we've met BC in the playoffs since 1985. They kinda' ran it up in that Grey Cupper in Montreal. What with Lui Passaglia faking a punt, and all.

That was also the last time we wore gold helmets until this year.

I say we'll get revenge for Ken Hobart, Johnny Shepherd and the rest of that '85 team against the Leos! And feel free to rub it in boys! Revenge is sweet!

Remember Last Time We Played them QP Was The Starter AB3 was in his first game in black and gold and all of our young player were in there fifth game of there career.... and WE STILL DESTROYED THEM.

Cap'n: No problem with the Lions?

      I hope you are right but you should never say this on the record ..especially when it's a playoff game. 
      All it will take is a couple of fumbles by us or a quick TD by BC early in the game to make things tough.
      Wally always manages to get the best out of whatever players he has so I am ready for one heck of a battle. So is Marcel..... I hope  <!-- s:P -->:P<!-- s:P -->