LIONS weakest link

Middle Linebacker Javier Glatt. Teams can run at him all day. Wally needs to fix this problem before playoffs.

Dominique Dorsey - 139 yards on 10 carries.

To be fair, the entire Linebacker unit was poor against the run tonight and have been poor against the run all year, but the guy in the middle has the biggest expectations, and Glatt's not getting it done. Its hard to make tackles when your landing on your back.

Now you say something. I`ve had him in my Freaks line-up for the last month. But in my defence, I forgot to set a line-up a couple times...

Overall, BC run defense is still among the best. But BC defense is geared more toward stopping the pass instead of the run. Having an import as middle linebacker is usually better than a Canadian. Since Glatt is one of the best Canadian linebackers in CFL, BC needs him for non-import ratio.

We'll trade you back Simpson :wink:

You can't blame one guy for missed opportunities. There's 11 other guys out there and when the line is pressuring the quarterback it leaves more pressure on his position and I think he's making solid contribution and if you think you can do better by all means give Wally a call.

Domique Dorsey didn't even play .That was Jamal Robertson in his spot .
But yes Glatt against the run is the weak link . He's there because the team feels he's the best against the pass . The other two Linebackers are pretty good especially Jamal Johnson , who's very fast .He should be put in the middle , atleast on first down he should to be our run stopper .
Most of that 139 yards did come on two plays ,after that they only got about 20 or so yards for the rest of the game . But allowing big runs ( and it happened in a few other games too) needs to be fixed .In the playoffs that could be our undoing.

Your right penw - I forgot Dorsey was out.

I like Javier, but he is weak against the run. I've been saying for weeks he should be at outside and someone else should play middle. I believe he needs to be on the roster to maintain our ratio, but we cant be giving up so much against the run. The 2 plays discussed really made him look bad.

This could be our undoing playoff time. If we can force a team to pass then they're in big trouble.


Your kidding,right?Obviously you have not been around the Lions when they practice,or at a game.Glatt has the respect of his teammates,and coaches.And you can see that on the side-lines,or in the game.You cannot ask for anything more than that.While their may be linebackers with more talent,Glatt brings lots of charisma,and attitude to the field.

HEART has never been the questioned. Its his ability to stop the run from the MLB position that is questioned.

Now another guy who's run stopping I'd question is Barrin Miles. While he's great vs the pass, his ability to make open-field tackles is poor. If Glatt had a better-run stopping safety, his errors would not be so magnified.

Both have HUGE hearts and give their all, but the same as everyone, they have weaknesses in their game. If those weaknesses magnify to the point where it can cause a loss in the playoffs, then shouldn't Wally attempt to correct it ASAP?