Lions' Wake nearing move to NFL

Monstrous defensive end Cam Wake, who played two CFL seasons almost in a league of his own, is also about completely outgrow the league's relevant salary structure.

It has been nearly two weeks since the two-time defensive player of the year with the B.C. Lions has been eligible to sign an option-year NFL contract, but time has had no downward effect whatsoever on his market value.

Wake has told friends the signing bonus being discussed is fast approaching the $500,000 US mark, a staggering sum by CFL standards which would more than ensure he will not simply be training camp fodder in the NFL. Some 12 NFL teams have shown varying degrees of interest, with the Tennessee Titans believed to be the club discussing the biggest offer.

The signing bonus might represent the amount the Lions have to spend under the CFL's salary management system in order to extend current contracts, sign all their remaining free agents and make upgrades for the coming season by plucking players off the open market.

It won't, however, be spent all on one player, even if Wake might deserve to become the highest-paid defender in league history after recording 39 sacks in 38 games.

Coach Wally Buono said after meeting with Wake and his parents during Grey Cup week in Montreal that he would not make an offer to the 26-year-old because there was no way the club could be competitive. In addition to his signing bonus, Wake would make $310,000 US as an NFL rookie.

"Obviously we're never going to say we're not interested in re-signing him, but they've got some firm offers that they are weighing against each other that I don't think we're going to able to (compete)," Lions personnel co-ordinator Neil McEvoy said yesterday.

"Until he goes through the process you really don't know what's going to happen. But he's getting top-two (second-round) draft pick money."

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It's just a matter of time before he signs on somewhere. He's looking for the best possible deal.

I wish him all the best and will watch with great interest on how he performs on footballs biggest stage.

I don't think he will be as successful as he was in the CFL. If he is good, teams will make sure that they put their tight end to his side to double team him and also get the full back to chip him as well.

The biggest 2 things that will change is the 1 yard differnce and the difference in quality left tackles.

I expect him to struggle at the beginning getting used to the game but I think he will become and adequate rush end. He will not be a Bruce Smith or Reggie White but more like an Aaron Schoebel type player. I hope that he proves me wrong and turns into a Hall Of Famer but he will be a good and consistent player.

I'm wearing my black armband..... I wish we could afford him, but the NFL looks like his destination. :cry: :cry: :cry:

Perhaps David Braley could ask Cam to wash his BMW for $500,000.00 so it wouldn't fit in the cap!

HE'LL BE BACK! I hope he finishes his career as a star in the CFL after a few seasons making money and toiling in obscurity. Until then, good luck Cam, we wish you all the best and thank you for the last few amazing seasons of watching you dominate our little League.
Namaste :rockin:

I was wondering what happened to him. He seemed to fall off the radar. I'm a little surprised to hear Wally say he won't offer Wake anything. Enjoy the NFL! Just don't sign with a garbage team. :lol:

If Rashad Jeanty can start in the NFL, even though it is the Bengals, Wake will do more than toil in obscurity wherever he plays.

....Cam Wake is a premium baller'.....the nfl is his next step....monetarily and prestige wise....I'm sure if the CFL could compete with the league to the south , money-wise... Wake would probaly stay in B.C.....I believe he genuinely likes the place...but just liking a place ain't gonna cut it... :wink:

Wally doesn't have to offer Wake anything. He is already under contract with the BC Lions until Jan. 2010.

It's funny that he is getting 2nd=round NFL money now, after two seasons in the CFL, when any NFL team could of had him for nothing in 2006. He went to an NFL training camp, but was cut and no other NFL team had any interest in Cam (or Derek, as he was know at that time.) He sat out an entire season away from football, devastated that his football career could be over. The NFL should thank Wally Buono, his coaches and scouting staff for recognizing a special talent in Wake, and converted him from linebacker to defensive end (a position he had never played before.)
Now after two CFL seasons, Cam is All-World...and we knew it all along. :cowboy:

Cam Wake is a good example of the CFL giving a good football player a chance to play.

Cam Wake has been a beast since his first cfl game. really no one he ever faced really could call themselves to be in the same calibre of player. honestly the cfl is lucky to have had him for 2 years

Excellent insight here Xvys. Finding overlooked talent is exactly one of the things the CFL excels at, and it has been doing it for decades. Cam Wake is just the most recent example of why I will never accept that all great players (and coaches) automatically make it to the NFL. The CFL is a great league with some great players and this is just the latest example.

Man i dont say the nfl because you know how many good players go undrafted?I sorry to say alot of cam wakes working across cant draft everybody

Wake works out with Dolphins

That is not true....If Wake is in his option year, and I believe he is, He can legally go play in the states and the only thing that Wally can do to stop it, is offer more money.

I read elswhere hes looking at 500 000 signing bonus not sure about that but Bye Wake.

pretty much lol