LIons vs Toronto GAME DAY THREAD

Nice of them to at least give him Wendy's for a year. I'd be all about that. I have a Wendy's right around the corner. I'd probably put on about 40 pounds that year. :lol:

Go Tranna!!

I am outta' here. I have a game to attend.

GO RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

many could toe punch it in, if they knew how to do it.

at 53, 80lbs overwieght, and being a couch potatoe the last 15 yrs, I went out at the beginning of summer, and it took a few practice shots, but I started to make 30's. Anybody under 40 in reasonable shape should be able to 40. It really amazes me when people cant do 20, or even 15.

Winning a million shouldnt be a gimmee, or even 5050.

What I wouldnt give for a good chance to win a truck though.

Gah! Freaks had Logan listed as the returner for B.C., so I kept him on. Turns out Smart is returning tonight. Cripes...

Only 28,000 at the game tonight? Wow...

4 minutes left in the game and To down by 7 why would they not gamble with 3rd and 4-5 from BC's 30 yard line. The 3 points doesn't mean anything any way. They still need a towchdown to win. Doesn't make sense since they didn't get that deep all game.

I can't believe they just pissed away that great return by Stokes... :? Game over for the Argos.

Don't look now but a FG and a rouge could force OT.

C'mon Lions....hold 'em here.

Yep, I think he was over there.

Whew…we keep it rolling. Too close for my liking…had to listen on the radio at work and just caught the last 5 minutes.

Not pretty, but a win's a win... Could be a real log jam at the top of the west standings if the battered Riders find a way to pull one out against a good Calgary squad.

They need to bring in peeps that are a bit more athletic than that guy to get any decent kicking. Would hate to see the 3 who lost to this guy kick lol.

The lions just solidified the riders chances for a cross over.LOL
Acutally the lions didn't look good and the game was close after bucky went down.

TO looked a little bit better than they have tonight, BC didnt play very well for the most part but squeaked out a W. Ill take it, get the rough games out vs the softer teams!

I would like to see them do it some place other than Toronto

BUT...but....but.....TORONTO is CANADA'S favorite city!!! Everyone loves Toronto! How dare you suggest that we move Canada's favorite kicking contest to another city? I'm going to write a letter to my MP and to Senator Campbell asking them to enact bills that will prevent this contest from being held anywhere else! It's a Canadian tradition!

The Argo defense was better, but the offense really didn't threaten. Those 2 long TD runs were blown coverages.

Although it is a moral victory for the Argos, still no points are given and this team is not playoff bound.
The Offense is offensive, Joseph who will be 35 shortly, is painfully slow and his passing is eratic at best.
The Defence although playing much better is in need of an overhaul as well.
What a mess.