LIons vs Toronto GAME DAY THREAD

About half an hour to go. Time to fill up the fridge to keep the beer cold. Anticipation. BC should win in a cake wake. I know Mathew and his " I did it my way", but I think he's over the hill sort of speak in regaurds to coaching. Time has pasted him by. It's like trying to get my 12 year old dog to run a 1/2 mile, he can't. He(my dog) finds it hard enough to leave the house to go to the bathroom. Don has forgotten more than he rembers, in my opionion. Buno is going to catch Mathew in the number of coaching wins shorty and he will show why today.

Go Joseph. Prove to the Don that he was a dope for benching you. Smash those Leos into hamburger and don't be afraid to run up the score. Go ARGOS!!!!!

Not sure if I’ll bother with this game… You can only watch a team get blown out so many times before you just lose interest. I hope the Argos can keep it competitive. I may pop in occassionally.

BC made the first drive look easy.

What happened to O'neil Wilson?
When did he suddenly learn to catch?

With one hand too! Can't help but notive that the boo birds are out already with 6 minutes left in the 1st quarter.

You sure there's any beer left??? LOL...............I kid!!!

Bangin some juice sounds like a good idea!

Impressive speed on Robertson's 75 yd TD.

Now BC is getting treated well with penalties.

Back from the Beer Store. How the hell did T.O. manage to get a TD...? :lol:

Hey Chief I am sure you have seen the replay. They just showed it,

C’mon Joseph! Taking that sack w/out even trying.

Plenty left Eskylo, Pilsner, the first 2 go down hard, after that its a little bit like heaven.

Yeah. They caught B.C. napping on that. Great score for T.O.

Did BC forget there's more than just a QB out there? Keep it up TO!

Sweet TD!

I missed the 50 yder the first time thank goodness for DVRs.

Funniest Sack in a long time!

K, did B.C. forget they have a game tonight...? :?

The Mattews Effect is kicking in.

Another very entertaining sack.

They need to change the Kick for a Million. How many people actually make it from 40 or 50? It's such a let down to see them miss kick after kick.

nice shoes tho'.