Lions vs Ti-Cats should be a classic August 13

I always look forward to watching a home game against the Ti-Cats… sometimes with trepidation I must admit. After doing a number on the Ti-Cats back on July 01 one might think the Lions have this kitty in the bag. Hardly! Looking at some of the talent the Ti-Cats have, the Lions had better bring their A game to B.C. Place. The Cats have got some excellent players that can kill the opposition: Owens, Banks, Gable, Chick, Fantuz.

I remember Fantuz when he played for Saskatchewan. He pretty much owned the Lions D.
Banks can turn the game around with just one great return.

The Ti-Cats though have something to worry about as well. The Lions have a receiving core that is second to none. The D is on fire and QB Jennings is on a roll. And just in case Jennings comes out flat, the Lions have an excellent backup QB in Lulay.

If both teams bring their A game onto the field, play intelligent ball, avoid dumb penalties that have the potential of killing momentum, I think fans for both teams will be treated to a great and entertaining game. Bobo82 especially will enjoy himself I am sure.

With the addition of Collaros, my excitement is heightened even more. I am really looking forward to this game and hope it is a close game. Nah. In my heart I’m hoping the Ti-Cats play a great game but the Lions take away their catnip and the Ti-Cats get trounced!

Hi Bobo82. :wink:

Ticat games at BC Place always seem to be thrillers, with the exception of last year :frowning: .

2009: Hamilton- 31 BC- 28
2010: Hamilton- 35 BC- 31
2011: Hamilton- 39 BC- 31
2012: BC- 39 Hamilton- 36
2013: BC- 29 Hamilton- 26
2014: BC- 36 Hamilton- 29
2015: BC- 40 Hamilton- 13

Those are some entertaining football games right there. With Collaros back, I'm hoping for lots of scoring and the Ticats first win in BC since 2011.

:D Hey Beagle, how are ya buddy ?It's good to hear from ya. You are correct sir I am definitely looking forward to this one. With Zach finally back this has the potential to be the game of the week for excitement (providing the rest of the Cats show up for this week's game unlike in Winnipeg last week :oops: ). I know a lot of folks might laugh and snicker at this but this game could very well be a Grey Cup preview match-up. The Lions are by far the surprise of the league so far this season. It's crazy but many so called experts were predicting the demise of this team and a last place finish in the West. Well with the YODA of CFL coaching back on the sidelines in Wally Buono (Simply the best there is,bar none) he has those Lions purring right along and playing some fantastic football so far this season , my hat is off to him and the Lions :thup:

My only real beef I've got with yer Lions though this season Beagle is those Friggin' Ugly new uniforms and helmet logo they're sporting. FUGLY !!!! YECK !!!!
Just what in the HELL were they thinking about when they came up with those gems ? The Lions used to have one of the best logos and uni's in the league but now it just looks like they got a big white blob on the side of their helmets and don't get me started with those Halloweenie Orange and Black pyjamas that they're wearing on game day. :thdn:

Memo to whoever is in charge and responsible for these horrid changes....KNOCK IT OFF and CHANGE THEM BACK !!! :thdn: :stuck_out_tongue:
and on that note.....

Oskee-Wee-Wee to ya Beagle :smiley: Get ready for a real Cat Fight this Saturday night :smiley: Talk to ya later :slight_smile:

Have to agree with you Bobo about the new Lions uniforms. They do take getting used to. I'm okay with the colors but the white on orange logo on the helmet is dreadful. I mentioned before that when I first saw the logo I thought I was looking at a knight chess piece head. Maybe they are more easily distinguishable live but on TV they are very confusing.

Oh and just so you know....

The new uniforms were designed with one specific purpose in mind.... To distract the opposition fans. Looks like it's working. :lol:

I feel like I am the only person in the world who enjoys the Lions new uniforms, I think they have potential to become modern classics. I absolutely love the away look, it's modern but also super clean. If they got rid of the tramp stamp on the jerseys I really wouldn't have many problems ... I absolutely hated them when I first saw them but they have really grown on me as an entire uniform set, the jerseys by themselves are very meh but with a few tweaks they could be beautiful.

As for the game to stay a bit on topic, I am expecting a BC win but will go to bed happy at 1am if the Cats play 4 quarters of good football and ZC limits the turnovers that have killed this team and looks somewhat like he did when he got injured last year.

I'll also throw my name in the hat for a B.C/Hamilton Grey Cup, it has a lot of potential but who the hell knows with this league. If it isn't the Cats, I am all in on the Lions this year I've really enjoyed watching them prove their doubters wrong with Yoda aka Buono back behind the bench doing what he does best. Also a huge Burnham guy, dude oozes talent glad to see him breaking out this year.

Definitely game of the week. Can't wait to see Collaros back and if the Cats can recapture some of their early 2015 form.

Argos-Bombers should also be a good one. Let's see if Nichols can keep the Bombers on a role against a strong opponent.

Like you, maybe the rest of the CFL just needs a little more time. :wink:

Good point about Bryan Burnham. This guy is definitely one of the go to guys for Jennings. He is one awesome receiver. In some ways he reminds me of Arland Bruce who was one of my favourite receivers. Bruce also used to make catches that were spectacular.

I also like the new unis (though I think a more simplified lion-head logo would be better). I like the design of the stripe on the sleeve. It's one of the few that seems designed with the new, really short sleeves in mind. Other designs (Ticats for example) seem to try to force old styles on those short short sleeves.

Interesting sidebar to all this is the fact that this will be Zach's first game and start as a Cat in BC. He was injured and out of the line-up for both the 2014 and 2015 games played there. Dan LeFevour was the qb in that 2014 loss and Jeff Mathews was behind centre in that late season 40-13 blowout last year.

Glad to have Zach Collaros back in the Ti-Cats' line-up.

He's worked hard to get back after a serious knee injury. Here's to good health! :thup:

The league needs its stars.

As much as we are in football withdrawal here in Hamilton - now 37 days since our last home game and counting - it is probably a good thing tonight's game is in BC and not here. We've had severe thunderstorm warnings on and off all day here. An hour ago they had tornado warnings just north of here. (Oshawa just east of Toronto did get hit with a tornado earlier today).

I can see Tim Hortons Field from my place and this is what it would have looked like with a 7:30PM kick-off just as some very ominous looking clouds rolled in. (You can see the lights of THF in the distance just to the left of centre in this pic.

Looking forward to this one just to see how Zach does - and how the team responds to him being back. Even if he's a little rusty I expect some other players to really step it up now that their leader is back.

Ticats are in tough in this one , with or without Zack , B.C is a tough well coached team , playing at home is icing on the cake for them ..........I hate to say this, but the Lions will prevail at home .

LOL that Bighill guy ain't so tough. he's nothing but a Big Bobble head :slight_smile:

Look at that handoff!!! ZC is BACK, baby!!!

Who has the best looking QB in the CFL? We do, we do, we do!!!!

Thank God there are no flags so far. :wink:

I was having a few Skittles. There was a baby Sskittle in the package. I saved it until the end. When I picked it up, it slipped thru my fingers and now I can't find it. I searched and searched and searched. It's lost in the carpet. :cry:

How can you have 2 plays in the middle of the game, and the clock not move?

It's the CFL. :lol:

Wow. BC looks good. :thdn: