Lions vs Ti-Cats August 13.... WOAH!

Man. I thought it was deja vu all over again. The Lions squandered a 16 point lead with under 5 minutes to play in the game against the Stamps a few weeks ago. Poor, Jennings threw 2 critical interceptions which resulted in the Lions' demise.

This time around the Lions had a 20 point commanding lead only to watch it evaporate. Hamilton tied the game 38-38 with just a few minutes left on the clock.

Even though the Lions got the ball back I was biting my nails fearful that Jennings would throw another key interception giving Hamilton the opportunity to win the game.

Hamilton completely turned it around in the 2nd half and almost pulled off a great come from behind victory as they did against the Eskies several weeks ago. My goodness, is all I can say.

[b]Lord... if you're listening.... I just want to say......

Thank you. Thannnnnnk Yoooooou![/b]

I'm sure alot of BC Fans understand just how "lucky" they were to get that win against the Cats tonight. :oops:
See you next time.

No "luck" at all...In Manny we trust!


Riiight. whatever helps you sleep, Lisa :wink: