Lions VS Ti-Cats 8/24/19

At this point I almost want to ask you how many points you think the Leos will lose by. But I won’t ask you that because anything can happen tonight. Somethings got to give for the BC guys. Hopefully it’ll be this season. Time is not their friend at this point…

Lions first drive - 38th sack of the season.

Is it just me or is this the most boring game of the season. Also, I have to listen to one more announcer call Banks “Speedy” Banks I will stop watching all Ti-Cat games. ::slight_smile:

I can’t say I disagree. I have two TV’s in my bar and the Jays game is the unmuted one. Disgraceful, I know. :-\

Reilly sacked again, and again… and… Unlucky 13? :-\