In fairness to my friend the Guru, there had to be at least 40,000+ at the game who were thinking the same as the Guru and expecting a similar outcome. I'm sure there were even some Calgary fans that were being realistic as well. Even the radio broadcasters were wanting their pre-game audio tape burned because they were saying that this was the Lions' game. I wouldn't be too hard on the guru. He adds a lot to our Lions forum. I can't wait for his next "prediction" I might even have a few of my own. :wink: I said, a whole lot of fail

...everyone is entitled to predictions my friends, but outlandish ones (like KG has narrow shoulders and will fold, or, outside of Lewis Calgary has no passing threats) HAVE to be rubbed in...that's the nature of the show...hope GG loves his crow, he has a buffet size table waiting for him off that post alone...

" I said, a whole lot of fail" RedandWhite

You weren't referring to the 40,000+ who were onside with the guru when you said "whole lot of fail" R&W, you were referring to his total posting and no doubt numerous other postings where he's messed up.

Well old Guru will certainly be in good company on the final score outcome. no doubt about that. I never tried crow. I wonder what it tastes like? Guess I'm finding out. :lol:

Lions did not show up period. A pathethic performance against a team they could have easliy beat if they made an effort!

:lol: Yeah sure, one of the biggest games of the year and they decided not to show. Atta boy, don't give Calgary any credit at all for playing a well rounded game and being the better team on that day. I'm pretty sure both teams showed up to play.

The stamps won the game but the LIONS didnt show up at all. It's hard to get motivated after the long break. The killer instinct is not there anymore. I think the Lions were not too motivated to play. If they were they would have won 34-17. Cgy is a shadow of a motivated bc lions team

I wouldn't paint the entire team with the same brush Gridiron. Guys like Bruce, Bighill and Harris came to play and they played...big time in my opinion. Unfortunately Travis was not himself and I think in the second half they should have gone with Reilly. As far as the Lions secondary is concerned I've no idea who turned out their lights but someone was asleep at the wheel for sure.

The most important game of the year before the Grey Cup, you are in 1st Place in the entire CFL, you have the best D in the CFL and you are playing before your hometown fans but cannot pull it off? It doesn't get much better than that. Too many players came out flat footed and full marks to the Stamps for exploiting it. That 3rd and 1 from the Lions 43 that was taken down to the one yard line said it all! I think we need to give credit where credit is due and not rationalize why the Lions lost. The chance to make an additional $16,000, a Grey Cup ring and the prestige of saying you are the best ought to have been motivation enough no matter how much time they had off.

Haha, still failing i see GG.

So, when ever your precious Lions lose from this day forward it will only be because they decided not to show, or couldn't be bothered lol. It couldn't be possible be that Calgary (only 2 points) behind the Leo's this year could be the better team. They were on Sunday, and that's with our back up QB :lol: