LIONS AS expected face off vs their nemesis Calgary stamps in this match. tate is out for this match and kevin glenn replaces him.

i dont think the lions will have any trouble beating kevin glenn due to his diminutive stature- he stands only 5'10 but has short arms and narrow shoulders. if you hit glenn he will quickly fold up for the night--

glenn being a timing qb who throws to areas cannot move the ball unless cornish is running like nuts- when cornish is running like nuts then glenn can use playaction and hit lewis on the intermediate big passes--

however vs bc cornish cannot run on us- cornish is a finesse running back who is not physical and can easily be overpowered- first 2 matches vs us were a good indication of the recipe to beat calgary-
all you do is stop cornish and make glenn beat you which he cant- if the lions get an early hard hit on glenn the game is over- glenn is not 6'4 and he cannot make passes in tight spots- he has a very average arm, --

drew tate is also small and wouldnt fare much better vs us, tate is not a cfl qb- he is too skinny, every time he hits the ground he breaks his forearm or wrist because he is too skinny also--

glenn is completely overmatched vs the lions, the lions know this and glenn knows this and so does the calgary coach, this is why tate was made the starter for playoffs despite missing 80 percent of the season-

i have concerns about john huffnagels coaching ability, as he has shown he has no answers to rebuild calgary after their 2009 grey cup victory.calgary has been getting progressively worse every season-

the only concern for bc is the status of bruce and simon-- i am not sure you can start both of these guys who havent seen meaningfull action in a long time-- lulay could throw some costly ints to bruce and simon who both will be rusty--- moore nad taylor are better options because they are both healthy and both have played more football in the past month--

the guy we need to win this game is andrew harris- he is simply our best offensive player- the guy is really good, along with lulay -- lulay and harris are the offense-- if you notice the lions offense does best when lulay is scrambling a bit and harris is given many carries and all the receivers are contributing-- we run into trouble when we run the geroy simon show, where we seem to think that geroy is 25 again? this does not work, especially with an older receiver coming off injury in a playoff game where they will be lots of holding and grabbing jerseys and pass interference- simon will not be able to shake off any contact or jersey grabbing and will be left staring at the officials--

lions have so many playmakers including bringing in tim brown for some carrries- when we are a running team and mix in some throws to our deep and talented receiving core we can beat anyone easily--

we own calgary because quite frankly we are much faster and also much more physical- calgary does not have players like mitchelll and bighill and eliminean- they just dont-- calgary is very average team who will not beat you unless you make tons of mistakes and hand the game to them--

i am not afraid of the calgary passing game- we just need to watch nick lewis because cgy hasno other quality receiver

bc 34-13 wins this game-----

rust could be a concern for the lions offense but not the defense-- the defense will be fine- the offense could be rusty because simon bruce, lulay iannuzi all missed action near end of season--

im not sure how they respond early-- i think a gameplan to keep it simple- give harris some carries and some easy short throws to sean gore and ernest jackson would serve us well-- im just not sold on bringing in rusty receivers who can and will dominate our offensive philosophy-- one thing jacques chapdelaine has shown is that he is the type of coordinator to stick with the veterans and really focus on 1 receiver and we all know who that is-- if they are going to throw the ball to simon on every play then at least you would figure that simon should at least beat his man? the thing is simon is rarely open anymore on anything over 10 yards-- maybe throw the short routes to simon because after 10 yards its rarely a completion anymore-- moore and taylor were getting open everywhere and seemed hungry to gain a starting spot-- i think at least courtney taylor deserves a spot instead of bruce who had concussion issues-- taylor is a gamer who will win a jump ball and will aggressively go after the ball- taylor is a great athlete with a good vertical jump.

a good ratio that will tell us if we are efficient on offense is this-- # of times harris touches the ball vs simon-- harris should be at least 4 x more than simon-- ex-- harris should have at least 20 combined touches and simon could have 5 targets or touches-- we cant have a situation in which harris has 14 combined touches and simon has 10 targets-- we wont win like this-- harris is much better than simon and should get at lesat 5 x more touches or targets than simon--

i really hope we dont let an overhyped aging former superstar like simon screw our grey cup berth in classic canuck fashion (luongo style)

we should win by the expected margin of 34-13 if we just play defense- stop cornish, attack glenn and on offense give the ball to harris a lot, run lulay on some bootlegs and mix in all the receivers equally and we will win by 21 points--

Love the optimism Gridiron. Be sure to wave to my wife and me when you're at the game. :rockin:

Ok… in the past I’ve done my best to bite my tongue with your statements and predictions. But I just can’t take it anymore. You really need to change your handle on these forums, because you are no football guru.. that’s for sure.

We get it… you don’t like Simon. But you are factually incorrect in your assessment of the Lions offence with him in the lineup.

No other team spreads the ball around like the Lions…. with or without Simon in the lineup.

Let’s look at some FACTS that contradict your OPINION.

Out of all 18 games, the Lions have had 14 games where 7 or more players caught passes, and only 4 games with 6 or less players catching a pass. So your statement of “jacques chapdelaine has shown is that he is the type of coordinator to stick with the veterans and really focus on 1 receiver and we all know who that is?.. is pure CR*P. Even if we look at just the games where Simon was in, your statement doesn’t hold any water. In the 13 games Simon played in, 9 of them had 7 or more guys catching passes. NINE OF THIRTEEN. That’s 70% of the games Simon played in where 6 or more other players caught passes. So in no way is JC or Lulay keying in on one receiver, as much as you’d like to believe otherwise.

In fact… the case could be made to spread the ball around less and get it to Geroy more. In the games Simon played in, when 7 or more receivers were used.. their record is 5-4. In the games where 6 or fewer caught passes.. their record was 3-1. Let’s see.... 55.5% with Simon in the lineup and the ball being spread around, and 75% with him in and the ball not getting spread around as much. Let’s go one step further. In the games where Simon caught 4 or more passes, the Lions were 6-2. In games where he caught less than 4 passes, they were 2-3. They won 75% of the games when he caught 4 or more, and only 40% with 3 or fewer catches.

Sorry “guru?… but facts > your opinion

So now that I’ve proven your assessment on the offence wrong… let’s look at your track record on player/personnel assessment since you like to consistently bash Geroy.

You were the same person that assured us all early last year that Lulay was…. And I quote word for word here… “a loser as a QB- He has all the losing attributes.? Or how about “LULAY is a backup and thats it.? Or maybe “This was a horrible misevaluation of talent thinking that LULAY could be a starter in the CFL.? And one more for the hell of it.. “He is not better than BUCK PIERCE was --- LULAY doesent throw with velocity or with confidence-- Sure LULAY has all the leadership and good guy qualities but he may not be much better than a RYAN DINWIDDIE or another CLEO LEMON.?

Wow.. I can’t believe how bang on you were on him :roll:

Your assessment of Bruce when he came to town last year wasn’t much better. You claimed “BRUCE is washed up.? Then he went on to rack up 850 yards and 8 TD’s. So early this season you said “BRUCE is the best receiver on this team.? But then only a few weeks later you said he should be benched with Simon. Even you can’t decide on where you stand on player assessments.

With coaches last year you were saying all of them should have been fired. Yet the team ended up winning the Grey Cup under those coaches. Early this year when talking about Benevides you said “I think he is not head coach material-- Never was sold on this guy-- Wally has to come back as COACH.? Even though last year you said Buono should have been fired as well because “Head coaches in PRO FOOTBALL wear HEAD sets and have a play sheet in their hands- Wally has no idea what is going on?, “we have to DEMAND that WALLY is fired, HE is MILKING the team for MONEY? and you suspected he was “betting on games.? And now look at where the team is under Benevides who you claimed wasn’t head coach material… 13-5 record and looking to repeat as Grey Cup champions.

Last year you claimed Stubler was a good D coordinator when you said “good coordinators in Rich STUBLER on Defense? but then changed your tune this year and claimed “His defenses are not good and any good O coordinator will move the ball for 4 to 5 first downs right into scoring range vs a STUBLER defense.? So if someone were to buy into what you’re selling, they’d think we have the worst D in the league. But wait… what’s this??.. the Lions have the best D in the league?.... under Stubler???? Can’t be.. “guru? said his defenses are not good.

Do I really need to go on?? No.. I think I’ve made my point about you knowing not what you speak of as much as you try to pretend otherwise. But even though this is turning into a short story, I will however make one more point.

Considering how WRONG you have been on oh so many predictions you’ve made in the last two seasons, I hope you have not just jinxed the Lions. Because predictions you make seem to all turn out wrong. Here are a couple of examples.

“Repeat is not going to happen? <-- while this one has yet to be proven correct or incorrect… they are in far better shape to win than the other 3 teams.. and WAY better off than you ever gave them credit for when you made this prediction.

“BC will not beat EDMONTON this season- IT wont happen? <-- Wrong. The Lions ended up 2-1 against Edmonton this year.

And then my personal favourite.. “This team is not in the top 3 in the CFl at this point-- Edmonton, Hamilton and Saskatchewan are and WILL be better than BC at the end of the season.? <-- SO WRONG. Those teams had 3 of the 4 worst records. The best record in that group was 8-10 and the combined wins between Ham. and Edm. only total the 13 that the Lions ended up with.

Please… enough is enough. How many times do you need to be wrong before you stop talking like you know it all?

And for others reading this.. #1.. sorry for the length.. and #2.. DO NOT drink the kool-aid that “guru? has been drinking and is trying to share with others.

Oh, and “guru?… if this post hadn’t already been so long.. I could have pulled and posted another 40 or 50 quotes that show your incorrect assessments, contradictions, and outlandish comments as these were only the tip of the iceberg.

Good grief ChronicGuy. What have you got, an entire file on poor Gridironguru? :oops:

When do you have time for other things? You got to give Gridiron credit for one thing: He’s passionate about his football and always maintains a courteous manner on the forums here. I’m looking forward to seeing him next season. The place wouldn’t be the same without him.

Let us hope he’s wrong about Geroy Simon and that Simon has one of his best games ever. It will be interesting how much Lulay spreads the passing around in the Western Final with Simon back.

"i really hope we dont let an overhyped aging former superstar like simon screw our grey cup berth in classic canuck fashion (luongo style) " Gridiron

Although I know some wouldn't agree with you Gridiron I have to agree with the above comment. It's ironic because my wife wears a Simon jersey and I've always appreciated the guy's athleticism but I think your Luongo analogy is a good one. Use Simon for sure but make sure the game isn't dependent upon Geroy. Wally tended to do this a number of years ago when he was coaching the Lions. He would go with a particular QB and stay with him and stay with even though it was just not the guy's day. He drove the fans nuts because he seemed to have tunnel vision and was intractable. When he finally did make a change it was too late. Some of the fans I sit amongst are very knowledgable about the game and the Lions. They too have a similar concern about the amount of attention Simon gets. It is not that he cannot catch the ball. It is that he's not as open as frequently and I do not see much in the way of YAC yards. There are also times when if Lulay was a little off the mark Simon could still gather in the reception and make the
QB look good. That does not seem to be the case any longer. If Simon is 100% healthy and I mean 100% healthy then utilize his skills but if there is even the hint that he cannot make his cuts or he is being hampered then he watches from the sidelines.

The Lions are on the cusp or going to the Grey Cup and winning back to back Grey Cups. I'm all for going with experience but some of these younger guys are going to be giving Gerory a real run for his money.

[Yes.. and i have a file on you too :twisted: lol

I have plenty of time to do other things. Work was slow today so i whipped it up between calls. It didn't take me long to type up, and it wasn't hard finding quotes to use. Just pick a post :lol:

I've got no problem with people having different opinions or anything, but he crosses into... well... crazy. It's been bugging me for quite some time. It's hard not to get sick of the outragous comments like Lulay is a loser QB, the Lions were losing games because Buono didn't wear a headset, and players are too busy selling homes and drugs that they don't focus enough on football. Add to that all the flip flopping and the factually incorrect statements and it's just more than this mind can take.

I think the straw that broke the camel's back was the line about JC sticks with the veterans and really focuses on 1 receiver. That is very untrue. When you have 5 games where 8 guys catch passes and another 4 where 9 guys catch passes, there is no way you can claim everything goes to Geroy. In fact... this has to be the most balanced offence in terms of spreading the touches around that i have ever seen. I think you'd be very hard pressed to find any other offence in modern day football that saw half it's games end up with 8 or more guys catching passes. And it's not like this is secret info that is impossible to find. The stats are there for all to see.

It's one thing to dislike a player... it's another to ignore reality and facts, and spread misinformation based on said dislike.

"Yes.. and i have a file on you too lol" Chronic Guy

Oh, oh......

Beaglehound feverishly starts looking back at all his own postings.... :frowning:

"Out of all 18 games, the Lions have had 14 games where 7 or more players caught passes, and only 4 games with 6 or less players catching a pass. So your statement of “jacques chapdelaine has shown is that he is the type of coordinator to stick with the veterans and really focus on 1 receiver and we all know who that is?.. is pure CR*P. Even if we look at just the games where Simon was in, your statement doesn’t hold any water. In the 13 games Simon played in, 9 of them had 7 or more guys catching passes. NINE OF THIRTEEN. That’s 70% of the games Simon played in where 6 or more other players caught passes. So in no way is JC or Lulay keying in on one receiver, as much as you’d like to believe otherwise." Chronic Guy

Well researched ChronicGuy. Good for you. I decided to look this info up to see for myself. There are a few things that might lend validity to what the Gridiron is saying. I'm not saying they will. I'm only suggesting that it might be worth looking at. It is apparent that the ball was being spread over the receiving corp during most games. I also figure that Simon only received the Lions share of passes in only 3 of the 13 games he played in. Lions share meaning he caught more passes than any other receivers in the those games.

However, let me suggest something that might be worth considering. The available stats also tell us Lulay's total passes and completions. What about the incompletions. Who did they go to? What we don't know is what proportion of Lulay's incompletions went to Simon. Knowing how many passes Simon caught does not tell us how many passes were thrown at him and how many he caught. The completions also tell us nothing about the quality of the receptions and yac yardage after receiving the pass.

I agree with you that JC is trying to make use of his entire receiving corp by spreading things out but I'd also like know how many attempts were sent Simon's way in these games. For example there were games where he had fewer receptions than other players but this doesn't mean he was not tossed the ball more. Maybe that is what the Gridiron is getting at. I don't have the stats to find out. Maybe if you have some time you can research this. If I find out anything I'll post it.

Thank you Beaglehound--

That is exactly what I was getting at-- The incompletions---

Football is a team game, it is won by a team effort-- You simply cannot win a championship or a game when you start playing ` on 1 football with a receiver vs a DB--

This happened in a few games this season that i watched-- Vs Winnipeg although we won the game in Winnipeg that game turned into the GEROY SIMON vs JOHNATHAN HEFFNEY SHOW-- No other receiver was even looked at in that game in the 2nd half--- It was clear that the LIONS thought that GEROY could beat HEFFNEY and it resulted in a SCRUB QB like JOEY ELLIOT almost beating us as we were down late in that game by double digits and rallied to win because of the constant throws to SIMON-

REMEMBER the home game vs EDMONTON-- Ya I remember that one very well--- IANNUZI was sitting in the endzone so wide open and LULAY for some reason forces a pass to SIMON who takes the slighest hit and falls down so fast and the ball is intercepted for a TD the other way- That was all on SIMON--- ANy good receiver catches the ball and scores, or at least doesent let the ball be tipped in the air---

As for my previous comments I stand by them all as I believe they are all true--

Buono didnt wear a headset-- GO look in the NFL and see how many quality coaches are not wearing a headset-- Just check that--

Players are busy doing other things such as selling homes and other activities- remember yonus Davis?

Before we start crowning LULAY and BENEVIDED and how great the lIONS are, I am going to have to point out a very valid point that we must consider--
The lions are a good team, but I am not sure they are a GREAT TEAM-- The reason is simple--

When CALVILLO, RAY and BURRIS and GLENN and JYLES and JOSEPH are starters in the CFL what does that say? Considering the 2005 grey cup was between RAY and CALVILLO and now 7 years later both RAY and CALVILLO are in the east division finals--
Well that makes real sense, we in the CFL have perhaps the worst professional QB to ever lace up the cleats in HENRY BURRIS, this guy has so many weaknesses as a QB that is not even funny---

Put it this way, ADAM BIGHILL himself is better than any other CFL's starting 3 linebackers-- BIGHILL is a NFL player, he is that good, He is much better than ELIMINEAN-- BC cannot lose with BIGHILL in the lineup--
BIGHILL will get picked up by the NFL--

Having said that LULAY is not that impressive to me, he is not even close to what FLUTIE and GARCIA did in the CFL, and he is still a system QB-- we have the best DEFENSE to give him, the best running back, the best receivers, the best home advantage due to the DOME and the 3 hour time difference, and we have the most consistent coaching staff-- SO yes I do expect more from LULAY and personally consider him to be very average as a QB--

Just watch LULAY, most throws are dink and dunk throws, how many games did LULAY go crazy and win by 20+ points? Considering he is playing vs QBs like KERRY JOSEPH and BURRIS and RAY and aging CALVILLO he is underperforming---

Dont believe me, look at MIKE REILLY-- ANy QB looks good in our system because we are the only CFL team that has real talent and a real system and is somewhat a PRO TEAM-- Edmonton and other teams like HAMILTON are not PRO TEAMS, BURRIS and JOSEPH are not pro QBS--- they are still playing close to 40 because there is no YOUNG decent Qbs coming into the CFL--

Trust me, there will be no interest at all in LULAY from the NFL--

CHRONIC GUY-- If you believe my statement was incorrect that LULAY was a misevaluation of talent I ask you this----

Would the LIONS still win with RAY, CALVILLO, BURRIS, GLENN, TATE, DURANT as our starter QB-- I think the answer is YES- We would win- LULAY does not win us games---

If you think LULAY would do anything in SASK or EDMONTON or WINNIPEG or TORONTO you are dreaming--- Mike REILLY has proven it to us my friends-- There is no drop off in production with REILLY and honestly he makes a lot of throws and reads that LULAY cannot make--

LULAY is LULAY, he was playing lousy last season and the only thing that really changed was the play of the DEFENSE to a DOMINANT DEFENSE_-

ANy team that has the #1 defense and a stacked offense is easy to play QB-- Stats dont lie and without even checking look at the number of completions that LULAY has over 30 yards, I would bet he is in the bottom third of the leauge in that category-

BC is going to win this game and the players in the CFL are not 100 percent committed to FOOTBALL, most are still playing like PARIS JACKSON and SIMON because they dont have another JOB that will pay them anything-- So they keep playing for the cash-- Other players do sell homes, sell nutritional products, others do illegal activities ,its common sense CHRONIC GUY-

Before you discredit my comments please understand we are in a 8 team league with 80 percent of starting QBS being journey average QBS who are aging and slowing down--- I stand by my comments--

There is no JINXING, there is no superstitions, we are the best team in the CFL-- we have the best players by far, we have borderline NFL players like BIGHILL, ELIMINEAN, MITCHELL, Andrew Harris, Tim Brown, Olifaoie, Courtney Taylor, and Keron Williams-- Other teams do not have this luxury--

We are the cream of the CROP in the CFl and will show it with a 34-13 win over CALGARY on Sunday--

“Players are busy doing other things such as selling homes and other activities- remember yonus Davis?"

I remember Davis. Too bad he got involved in drugs. But what does selling homes and doing other activities have to do with Simon and spreading around the pass attempts? I wasn't trying to give you ammunition when I referred to the incompletions. I was only suggesting that maybe that needs to be looked at to see if Simon was in fact getting preferential treatment. You might want to investigate that yourself Gridiron because I think it is quite compelling to see that of the 13 games he played he only had more pass reception completions than other receivers in only 3 of those games. That tells me that it was not a Lulay to Simon show. That's why I'd like to look at how many times Simon was actually tossed the ball in each of the 13 games compared to the other players. That would lend some validity to what you're suggesting.

“Before we start crowning LULAY and BENEVIDED and how great the LIONS are, I am going to have to point out a very valid point that we must consider--
The lions are a good team, but I am not sure they are a GREAT TEAM?

Does it matter as long as the Lions win the Grey Cup? I’m not sure what your point is.
The same was said about Bjorn Borg in the tennis world. Many believed that the only reason he won 5 consecutive Wimbledon Championships was because the competition at that time was not that great in those years. I for one do not agree with their assessment.

The reason SIMON only had the most receptions in 3 games is because when he is targeted it was more than often an incompletion--
I see it the exact opposite way Beagle-- Simon was the leading receiver only 3 games not because of a lack of targets, it was because the ball would be incomplete to him on a staggeringly high percentage of throws-

This is the reason why he only led 3 games with receptions, its because he is our #1 option, and more times than not he simply does not get open-- As i said before check the stats guys--
Simon is a downfield receiver-- He is not BEN CAHOON-- How many passes over 15 yards did SIMON catch this season? A finesse receiver who is not catching the ball downfield obviously is not getting open-- its really simple--

I watched every BC game, i was at every home game, I pay very close attention to the receivers-- I can see what is going on with a critical eye-- I have noticed that in the earlier games before SIMON got hurt and didnt play much he was not able to get open at all--
I even remember particular matchups where he just couldnt beat a DB on a perfect throw--

Simon vs BUCKNER-- the rookie easily made up ground and blocked down a deep ball which SIMON had inside position-
Simon vs Quincy Butler- Deep ball simon had no catch up speed to catch a ball and quit running for the ball-
Simon vs Esks-- Simon was targeted numerous times vs Chris Tompson and he was not open and cost us that game-

Its clear with our team that we are better without this guy in the lineup- We have an embarrassment of riches at receiver and we need to keep it balanced--

Also the fact remains if you cant keep healthy and are over 35, you are a liability for the team- The offense for BC is not evenly spread out-- How many passes does Akeem Foster get?

If you want me to give you guys the bottom line here it is--

Notice SEAN GORES production with SIMON in the lineup and with SIMON out of the lineup-- GORE is much more productive when SIMON is out of the lineup-- When simon is in, sometimes GORE is invisible despite being our most dangerous speedster receiver--

For those who are overly critical of what I write consider this-- You can try to use the FACTUAL card and analyze everything I say after the fact--- But the fact remains it is my OPINION-- OPINIONS are opinions, everyone is entitled to their opinions-

CHRONIC GUY- If you are going to go back and dig up all my predictions which were wrong, please dont wait till after the results are in, please post them before the result happens-- Anyone can play arm chair QB and point out that certain prediction were wrong-- Also can you please go back and post back all of the correct predictions I made instead of only pointing out the incorrect ones.

“Simon was the leading receiver only 3 games not because of a lack of targets, it was because the ball would be incomplete to him on a staggeringly high percentage of throws?

Unless you have the actual stats that show how many passes came Simon’s way that is just speculation Gridiron. That was the whole point I raised earlier but only as speculation. You are stating it as fact. Do you have the stats to support that? You are presenting it as fact based on your own eyewitness account. This doesn’t make it so. Short of watching the 13 games Simon was involved in all over again I don’t know how we could verify it. I’m not saying you are wrong. But keep in mind we don’t know how many passes went to guys like Gore or Foster that went incomplete.

“GORE is much more productive when SIMON is out of the lineup-- When simon is in, sometimes GORE is invisible despite being our most dangerous speedster receiver?

I agree that Gore is dangerous and if I were to keep either of these guys it would be Gore but let’s look at what you just said; “with SIMON out of the lineup-- GORE is much more productive?

Of the 13 games that Simon played Gore was in the line-up in 10 of them. So let’s base the following on those 10 games. In 4 of those games Gore actually caught more passes than Simon and in one of the games Gore and Simon each caught 4 passes. Of the other remaining 5 games where Simon had more receptions than Gore, other receivers actually had more receptions than Simon!

I agree with you about Gore’s production going up in several of the 5 games Simon did not play. However, in actual fact in two of those games his production level was only 2 or 3 catches. Why? Because it appears the ball was being tossed more to other players like Moore.

Check some of this stuff out and see for yourself Gridiron. Just go to the Lions website and click on their schedule. Beside each game you’ll see the game’s stats for that day. It shows how many receptions each player made. Unfortunately it does not show how many passes the QB made to specific players which is what you and I are talking about.

From the games I’ve seen I’m on side with you regarding Simon. I still believe he is a threat but I have to agree that the coaches should go with the guys who pose the greatest threat to the opposition. Gore in my books would be one of these guys for sure. We’ll see how things play out on Sunday. Bring your loudest voice and don’t forget your ear plugs.

  • Just an aside regarding predictions:

Predictions, depending on how they turn out can make us look like heroes or like........

I try to avoid predicting cause you just never know. I thought taking 1st Place this year was going to be a cake walk for the Lions. It was far from it. By rights the Lions should win on Sunday but........

Regardless, I will however, make one prediction. A CFL team will win the Grey Cup game this year! :rockin:

Probability of BC beating Calgary is greater than chance of Montreal defeating Toronto. At sportbooks, Toronto +6 seems to be a popular bet among gamblers. On paper, BC should win in close game based on several reasons.

HISTORY: BC has beaten Calgary in 4 of 5 previous meetings. Bye teams have won most playoff finals in CFL and NFL. Better teams with extra preparation and home advantage are hard to beat.

HOME ADVANTAGE: BC is 8-1 at BC Place the hardest place for visitors in CFL. Under closed roof, loud noises from over 40,000 fans are very distracting.

MATCH-UPS: On offense, BC has better quarterback and offensive line. On defense, BC has better defensive line, linebackers and defensive backs. Receivers and running backs are even for both teams. On special teams, Calgary has better field goal accuracy and punt coverage but BC has better punt returns.

TURNOVERS: BC advantage in takeaways/giveaways ratio.

INJURIES: BC is healthiest team with 4 injuries. Whereas Calgary has 20 injuries?

MOMENTUM. BC is as hot as Calgary winning 7-2 in second half of season. After big loss at Calgary, BC is better prepared and motivated for revenge.

But will they screw up by trying to pass too many times to Geroy treating him like he's the go to guy? I don't think he is any longer. That, Sportsman is what Gridiron is concerned about. And quite frankly it is in the back of my mind too. Use Geroy. Use him as a decoy but utilize some of the younger more talented receivers. Do that and I believe that have a better chance at winning.

It is interesting what i saw on Global sports news this evening. Lulay was interviewed and asked to give his thoughts. And then other player was Simon? Why Simon? The played in game 17 and missed all of games 14,15,16, and 18. They could have interviewed anyone of several other players. How about Gore, or Harris or Brown? I know, I know, maybe they were camera shy. :lol:

I guess nobody was open for Lulay , Poor Courtney Taylor and jackson sittin on the sidlines, must have been frustrating.

Here is my take on this guys.The team didn't show up. Our secondary got burned on the long ball, not once but at least three times. Stubler in my opinion never make the proper adjustments at half time. On offense we couldn't get the ball in the end zone. Give Calgary Defense alot of credit there.

I'm sorry but I just can't resist. Was there ever a poster who made more botched predictions than the Guru. Talk about not knowing what your talking about. Almost begging the football gods to exact revenge. As a Stamp fan I thought Calgary had a decent year and was a worthy contender, I also believed they would have to play their best to beat this Lion team. Guru might want to change his handle.

...sure nailed that prediction there GG, there's more fail there than you can shake a stick at