Go Stamps Go :cowboy:

Go stamps. You deserve to have the best record in the CFL.

Eh. I don't know what to expect. Calgary says they'll play their starters and they won't roll over... but how long will that last? They already have 1st clinched. Why risk an injury?

At any rate, I'll probably watch this until my other games start. Got the Knights at 7:30, Longhorns at 8:00, and Raptors at 8:30. Way too much sports on tonight. :lol:

Is this frigging Bomber/Cat game EVER going to end!

Bloody ridiculous that we're missing an important game and watching one that's over....get the Lions/Stamps game on already!

MIssed 7 minutes, what a joke

Poor Buck's gonna have to be tough again this, the guy takes a lickin.

I agree. As it we had to wait 20 minutes for the Bombers/Cats game to end. Last week of the season, Cats were down big, I think TSN could have made an executive decision and cut to the other game. How many Bombers fans would have complained? Hell, how many even showed up? The stands looked pretty bare in the fourth.

Oh well. Time to watch this until the other games start. Go Stamps.

Stamps came to play (damn it). :slight_smile:

Do teams Blitz BC more often or what? It's not like the O-linemen are getting beat regularly by their's always a linebacker or DB that comes in and pops him. Maybe it's because they know he's injury prone....but it's going to be a long game if he has no time to throw.

It’s not beyond their technological capabilities to do a split-screen, keeping the audio on the first game, but also showing the video for the second game. I’m not sure why they don’t do this when games run long.

Wow, Logan's looking good. That's encouraging.

Good thing. Buck is playing like Jarius. 2 of 7? Come on.

On another note, I thought Calgary should have gone for it on 3rd and 1 instead of kicking the FG. Put the Lions down early. :twisted:

There were some catchable balls thrown though...can't point a finger at Buck.

Could be. I haven't seen too many of his throws; I just saw TSN show his stats.

Rambo draws first blood in the receiving battle. I think he'll probably win it simply because B.C.'s QBs aren't as good as Burris. Of course, if Calgary takes out Rambo, and B.C. leaves in Geroy, then it could get interesting.


Is this going to be one of those games...back and forth scoring leads to a wild finish?

(After last night's Canucks' game, don't know that I can take it)

I don't think Rambo will get the hook. I'm sure Huff will let him go after that title. HB on the other hand?

Good...let's wake Wake up. :wink:

Logan's on fire today...he's a one man show here.

Rambo is leading 32-18. It's gonna be close. :? And as if Calgary has two receivers with 10 or more TDs. Can any other team claim that? Montreal, maybe...