Lions vs Stamps... a tough loss

I've got to hand it to Calgary for coming from behind and beating the Lions in overtime. Both teams played very well but with only minutes remaining and the Lions with a 15 lead, I figured the Lions would prevail. Ooops.

It's too bad the Lions lost that cliff hanger the way they did with Jennings being intercepted in the end zone on second and few during the first mini-game. He threw into some serious coverage. Lack of experience? Too eager? Hard to tell but they could have easily tied the game with a chip shot field goal and forced a second mini-game in my opinion. They were on the 5 yard line with 2nd and goal. Not sure if that play came from the bench or it was Jennings' call but it sure was a sight for sore eyes if you were a Stamps fan.

Were the Stamps lucky to pull out the win? I think so and I was sure deflated to see the Lions go down the way they did. But that is football.

What I take from this game is that the Lions are the real deal. Jennings is getting better each game. He's getting much better protection and the Lions' D is strong.

I think the Lions will be Grey Cup contenders this year barring serious injuries in key positions. They are a much better team then they were last year.