Lions vs. Saskatchewan

Cannot wait til Friday night vs. Saskatchewan .... Look for Dave Dickenson to perform surgery on the Riders defense if he is allowed time to do so. I am hopefully looking forward to 40 000+ under the dome to send Saskatchewan back to the prairies where they belong..... GONNA BE GREAT... Been waiting a long time for some regualr season action....WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE SASK.!!!!!

Oh i am sure the RIders will be bringing their machetes along.

Yes-sir...Friday's game should be wicked.

Rider defence is good...but Dickenson looks super-sharp to start the season once again.

31-15 Lions.

It might be a tad closer than that... Riders always seem to play well at BC Place, it could be a low scoring game though... I say BC does win at home but by 3 or less

all we have to do is drop Dave on his head just once and BC is F@%# 8) Sask 24 - BC 10 :rockin:

Just bring your machettes , you'll need'em.

Its funny cuz u live in Regina ... HAHAHAHAHA....... Kerry Joseph = OVERRATED

ya ok thats funny.... :roll: STAY off the dope buddy :cowboy: :lol:

Kerry Joseph is a decent QB, but I just can't see SSK doing well against the Lions.
40000+ is a little much to ask, I'd say maybe 27-30 thousand.
Lions over SSK 28-17

You are very wrong my friends. Once again Sask. comes into the year with the most underated defence in the league. You just wait and see whats gonna happen to your lions. The riders are gonna turn your beloved lions into little kitty cats.

they're underated now and thats how they're gonna stay

Radio said 30,000 expected....we'll see what the walkup brings

If the Riders host a playoff game then I'll take another look at the team, but for now it's the Leo's year and I'll be cheering them on to the Grey Cup.
30k seems reasonable, be loud!!!

I think the lions will be really confident friday night so take a seat and learn how to win rider fans. :rockin:

The day that will bring total happiness for me is when the Lions and Canucks play on the same day and there's 60,000 under the dome and 8 000 in GM Place.... Sorry Canucks fans....But a loud B.C. Place beats anything!!!!!

Don't listen to this guy, he's just kidden, he likes the roughriders :expressionless:
nah, I'm just playin, he doesn't, Roughriders Blow

Honestly, Saskatchewan should just go back home to the prairies and start making our bread. They won't be able to handle the depth of the Lions.

Lions 27-20 Sask.

Go Lions! I'll be tuning in to watch this game just to watch Kerry Joseph struggle.

Canucks......who are they????

Attendance will be high, thanks to many free tickets being handed out. My 12 yr old son is proudly treating the family tonight because it is newspaper delivery boy night. Van Dist gave out 4 tickets (nosebleed sections) to all thier carriers. Should be a fun and loud night!!!! Can't wait!!!!!

1st quarter... 14 - 0 ... we rock !!!