Lions vs Roughriders - official game thread

Share your thoughts, opinions, and predictions for Saturday's West Semi-Final versus the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Who' s in charge of this thing?You should have started this thread yesterday.That's why you get rider fans wondering why no one is posting on this site.I even beat you to the punch.This site needs serious remanaging.

I caution your tone, "fungi".

Actually, as moderators of this forum, we didn't feel it was our responsibility to create threads although we did in this case. Not sure where you 'beat us to the punch.' But regardless, in case you weren't aware, the job of the moderator is to just that: moderate postings created by forum users.

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oops!sorry!Just getting into the excitement already.5 more days left and time is running out.My extreme apologies! :oops:

The Mods make this site for what it is . I think they do an excellent job and I still wonder how they find the time . Keep up the good work . It's people like you that make the CFL the best league in the World.

I think it's going to be a tough, close game, regardless of the fact that it's at Mosaic. Riders are near full strength again, Cates, Fantuz, Dominquez, etc doing great, Dressler amazing these days. But you Lions are loaded for bear too, Geroy being Geroy, Hunt seems like a walking timebomb for anyone near him, and that friggin Wake will probably be the scourge of our existence this weekend. I think Quarterback seems to be the only question that comes to mind, we have the Merry-go round happeneing, and Buck looks like the season is starting to get a little long for him. So I think on that front, all things being pretty much equal. I bet it's going to be a low scoring game, no more of these near 100 point games. When it comes down to it, I think defense on both sides is going to be the factor. It's going to be a great game, but being that I bleed green, I'm going to say Riders 22-16.

The Lions have lost a couple that they really would've liked to have bagged and I think that will give them the edge. We've done well against the Riders and, although we're playing in a hostile environment there, I'm confident we'll come out on top.

I, too, predict a hard fought battle that goes right to the wire...but I like our recent history with the tells me that we've got Saskatchewan figured out.

What history would that be ? Beating our second and third string receivers and running backs or the history in last years Western final? Taylor field is going to be rocking, if the lions want to have any chance at all they better bring their "A" game or it could be all over by half time. Wally better have the boys practice in a skating rink as its going to be -6 at game time. Burrrrrrrrrrr oh yeah and that's not even counting the windchill lol . In all seriousness I just hope its a great game by the two teams I like the best in the league. One a lot more than the other. In any event, I will be cheering for the winner as I can not stand the stamps. :thdn:

Its going to be one heck of a game no matter who wins this one. As history has shown in the past that home field no longer is the advantage. I really believe that in someways the Roughriders have more pressure on them then we do. But i agree with you im rooting for the winner of this game against Calgary as well.

I’ll be cheering for the Lions to pull off the miricle upset, but I think our secondary has grown to old and slow. If we do squeek by Saskatchewan I think Calgary will put us out of our misery. :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

I think some big changes are comming in the off season. :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

Weather Network says sun and -7 for a high. That will help the Riders. BC fans who say Lions have figured out the Riders forget this. The Riders played without 9 or 10 starters in the games they lost to BC. The Riders are healthy now. Maybe not Dominguez and Flick. But Cates and Fantuz and Bowman and Johnson and Hughes and Chick and some others I cant think of. Maybe Oday will play to. The Riders team on Saturday will be better than the beat up team the Lions beat. A lot better team.

Sorry everyone but I think the Riders are going to take this one. Our QB's need a bit more time to mature. The "D" needs some changes. Next year don't expect Cam Wake to be here/... I think he needs to move on... good for him... he deserves it. We are now rebuilding and it will come but not this year. If it comes down to the Riders or Stamps... all I can say is go Riders. I HATE THE STAMPS.

As long as the reffing DOSEN'T get in the way of good football , this should be an exciting well played game by both teams.....And that's all i want......

I disagree being at home is a total advantage it doesn't garauntee a win but when it's your stadium the crowd is quiet when the offence is on the field and that makes a huge difference. Gonna be an awesome game and I will be there to cheer on the Riders.


If home field advantage is no longer relavent, why is it that BC played thier entire starting line up and let Piece get beat up in a game where there was nothing esle on the line, risking injury to his starters?

I would say that being used to playing indoors and being forced to play an outdoor game in -5 weather would be a disadvantage, wouldn’t you?

Perhaps not being able to sleep in your own bed?

Sounds to me like Mr. Buono is just steering the flack away from losing the oppotunity to host this game.

The only logical way someone could look at this game and say there is no home field advantage is the fact that Rider fans show up in bunches whether it’s a home game or an away game and either way it’s going to be loud when the Leos offense is on the field and not as loud when the Rider’s offense is on the field. Maybe against other teams with weak fans, home field advantage doesn’t mean anything, but against the Riders it does.

Either way this will be a war and the 13th man might make the difference in the end.

Brrrrrrrrrrrr,its gonna be chilly.might have to dig out the long johns.Will this help the Riders? We believe so.Our boys have been practicing outdoors in the temps. of 2-7C. while B.C. had been indoors in a nice warm practice field.Saturday's temp. should be around -5C and if there is any wind,advantage Riders.Also, add the 30000 fans screaming and jumping around,another advantage for the Riders.Saskatchwan gets another one as a few of their injured players are returning and the way Pierce was beaten up in Calgary.

All in all,it will be a great game ,played by great players,and being at taylor field,one of the 30000.PRICELESS

The answer is so simple. Money. If your Walley are you going to tell your boss you're throwing in the towel so he can't make an extra half million? I think not.

Our practice field is outdoors and the crowd didn't help the Riders much last time the teams met in Regina.

The difference in decibel levels will be large, as will the consistency of said decibel levels. I was at the game against BC, and last year's playoff game. It really is loud. It won't be game changing like an interception, but it might give 20 - 40 yds in penalties as well as miscommunication along the line and that can make a difference
I am glad it is not being played in BC place as there really is an advantage gained from your dome.

Someone needs a smoke and a pancake