Lions vs Riders rematch

Maze burned again

Maze needs to sit and still no spy on Lulay

Confused in zone :?

I thought Taj didnt fight for yards


what a total bullsht call

Need a turnover by the D sooo bad

Right now I'd settle for a cold stop...and a quick major

Cant even try a field goal without a penalty. Just plain brutal

The referee's C.Y.A. club

Yes but the Riders if they lose did it as a team :lol:

too little too late im afraid

Tough to watch this gong show

Thats all she wrote 0-4 . Well at least we never had the lead and blew it

Well that indeed was a team loss. Offense sucked, defense sucked ST sucked. Glenn was not good tonight and more injuries to the every growing list. This team is in trouble in all aspects .

How do you let a qb run for 100 yards and not lay a hand on him? Hell not even close to getting a lick in on him total disgusting. I'm not talking a cheap shot just a clean open field hit. Make him pay for taking off so much.

You don’t need to spy him, he’s not scrambling. You need to mind the end gap instead of biting on the fake. That is a design option play. It was a classic case of ‘fool me once, shame on me, fool me 5 times, I deserve to lose the game’.

With the hole we have dug ourselves into this year, can we throw all those third jerseys and helmets into it and bury them once and for all? God awful.