Lions vs Riders rematch

So getting all pumped for this rematch and see if the Riders can get off the snide and their first win.

I love to make comments during the game so feel free to join in and add your 2 cents worth .

LETS GO RIDERS!!!!! Get the monkey off your back and the fans too :wink:

D not looking amazing out of the gate :?

Neither is the offense. Once again Glen stares down his intended target and almost another pick.

another penalty kills another drive.

BS horse collar call

nice field goal. Great kick by the old man

If Lulay could hit his open deep receivers we'd be screwed

hold on to the f en ball

God damn have to make those catches Getz

Seems like the Riders say to themselves OK how can we fk this up? And then do it.

and yet another pick

and another mistake filled half. Lucky to be only down 5

Doughty needs to be spying Lulay and stop his runs and the DE needs to seal off that end instead of collapsing down all the time...too focused on Harris


Have to start putting the lumber to Lulay too and get him out of that happy horse sh@@ running.

And not take a RTP penalty

Lol and a good start to the half

and 3 more missed tackles on Harris.

Bagg done for the night it gets better and better.

Jackson done for the night

Holy crap they're dropping like flies again :frowning:

OMG no penalty and a td