Lions vs. Riders - Game Thread

Don't want Dressler returning, last thing we need is another receiver hurt.

Tad Kornegay should be dragged out into albert street hung up and shot 23 times, he’s terrible…thank god the D has stepped up and gotten a trio of 2 and outs


get momentum early

Jimenez better get his act together.

He's just playing his game Deb. :wink:

Wow Dressler is awesome!

BC can't seem to capitalize on the chances we give them.

And our offence just keeps rolling. a crazy game...

Seriously Bishop??? WTF was that.

Can someone please teach Bishop how to throw the ball out of bounds instead of forcing a pass


We’re here to win.

Big pick by Miles

I-N-T whoooooo whooooo.... Can't Get Right does it again.

There is one stat that tends to show who is going to win games and that stat is Turnovers, you give them up you lose. Bad start to the game for my guys.


although i didn't think Bish was playing to bad

Sweet Durant is in. I hope he does well.

...after the game last week, I spoke with a few of the Riders...I asked one of them(and promised him anonymity), "Bishop or Durant?"

He gave me the answer about supporting whoever is behind center...

I pushed for an answer. Promising not to tell who he was...

He called for Double D. :slight_smile:

4 turnovers and it's only 6-2. Not good. Buck looks like he doesnt have time to throw. Get Geroy involved!!

Dressler's a stud.