Lions vs. Riders - Game Thread



Ok TSN needs to find somewhere different to put their field mic, that clapper is already aggravating, probably some bimbo using it since they are using it when the offense is on the field.........

Does TSN not have people at the broadcast that can tell the mic to move???????



NOOOOOO, that siren is awful.

Quick 2 points?

You make an interesting point.

Hey...why is the Taylor Field Announcer only announcing the plays, and not telling the fans to cheer when the Lions are in the huddle?



We're shaking things up tonight


Riders are so scared of Wake they're leaving everyone else open.

Skillard caught a pass! He must have pine tar on hands.

Shouldn't have given us 2 points if our kick returner was just going to fumble, eh?

Kornegay looks funny not in 17

meanwhile, Kornegay put grease on his own hands...

Welcome to the Cameron Wake show.

Bam Bam Wake!!!!! Fuuuuuummmmmmblitis.

WTF Bishop and Cates get that handoff on lockdown!

Roberts Caught looking down field.

Wow...BC ball again?

Ok how about Kornegay doesn't return kicks anymore??????? That would be a good thing. Ridiculous.

Defence is looking good. Bishop is moving the ball. 3 fumbles is not good. Why isn't Dressler or Walker returning kicks?

but good for us :wink:

Fuuuuuuuummmmmble!!!!!!!! This is great! Shut those melon heads up. I can hear cows in the background moooing.