Lions vs Rider Predictions

Im giving the LIons a less than 10 percent chance of winning this game.

I feel that the Riders with the Grey Cup at home and their pass rush will dominate- I just feel that especially if BUCK PIERCE starts the Lions will lose by more than 3 touchdowns-

Lulay starts they lose by 12-20 points.

Everything and I mean everything points to a BIG RIDER WIN HERE-

You have a team that is playing at HOME and the GREY CUP is at home-

The LIONS defense has shown to do nothing on the road- Pretty much the overrated KERON WILLIAMS is almost like playing with 1 less player- He has done little to nothing this season and is a waste of a player on the field-
The mickey mouse secondary will get abused by DRESSLER and GETLAF - even SIMON will beat our dbs-

BENEVIDES is a poor coach- He and STUBLER will not outcoach SASK coaching--

I think the crowd is going to get into it and the LIONS usually dont show up early on- This game they will fall behind by a quick 2 tds -
This will be a repeat of thier last performance in MOSAIC- The RIDERS are a much better and complete team-

The LIONS downfall will be the QB play- SASK will key on LOGAN and hit him hard and do everytihng to take him out of the game- Then they will rush and rush hard and harrass PIERCE or LULAY-

PIERCE is not a PRO QB- If he starts they lose 34-9=
LULAY is rusty and even with him, he has not beaten other good teams on the road--

SASK will win this game for sure-- LIONS are a MEDIOCRE team- THey have proved it all year long and showed it all year long- THey will play as they have all season long and lose- There are far too many weak players that just dont show up for this team- Keron Williams is useless on the field- Phillips cant cover DRessler- Larose wont make the right reads and will look like a rookie- The O line will lose the battle to FOLEY CHICK AND ALEX HALL-

The LIons realistically dont have a shot here- They just dont-

Pierce is not a pro QB? Why cuz he had cuncussions?

The ONLY reason i remember we had to move on from Pierce in the past was his injuries. Otherwise when he was healthy and ready to go he was a very solid QB and he's looking very solid right now. I think he's a better QB than Lulay and if he didn't have the health issues Lulay never would've got the job.

The Lions don't have a shot? We beat the 1st place team 2 of the last 3 games? The only reason why we're not in 1st right now is because we had Demarco playing for 3 straight games, and we had no idea Buck was as ready to go as he was. Lulay starting would've guranteed us more of those games and possibly 1st place.

There's no indication that the Lions were a mediocore team because just before Lulay went down they were only 1 win out of 1st and i think they were tied for it at one point i could be wrong. But hardly a mediocore team. Look for the Lions to win the Grey Cup as they have one of the most solid defensive cores in the CFL still. We have major offensive players and have a very similar running situation to Sean Millington and Robert Drummond and the one two punch of Logan and Harris are going to be very effective in the cold weather game in Saskatchewan.

Look for the Lions to rock the Roughriders Sunday.

He's got you there GridIron. :thup:

2005 BC 18 1 71 43 60.6 679 54 3 1 100.6 15 104 6.9 17 2 0
2006 BC 18 6 186 137 73.7 1,752 67 11 6 109.0 31 294 9.5 39 3 2
2007 BC 15 4 127 81 63.8 1,013 35 5 3 91.7 22 164 7.5 20 1 0
2008 BC 18 11 362 232 64.1 3,018 79 19 9 97.4 29 177 6.1 16 1 6
2009 BC 17 12 315 199 63.2 2,272 62 10 12 79.5 39 276 7.1 23 1 6
2010 WPG 5 5 120 80 66.7 1,080 90 6 4 97.9 22 237 10.8 43 2 2
2011 WPG 16 16 411 261 63.5 3,348 92 14 18 82.0 51 324 6.4 48 2 1
2012 WPG 7 7 113 68 60.2 951 57 3 3 85.1 12 60 5.0 12 0 4
CFL totals 114 62 1,705 1,101 64.6 14,113 92 71 56 90.6 221 1,636 7.4 48 13 17

Over his career he has a higher QB rating then the following:

Brett Favre,
Warren Moon
Dan Marino
Doug Flutie CFL & NFL numbers
Danny McManus
Jon Elway
Ron Lancaster
Fran Tarkenton
Vinny Testaverde
Jim Kelly
Drew Bledsoe
Matt Dunigan
Jeff Garcia
Dan Fouts
Kerry Collins
Tracy Ham
Jonny Unitis

And those are just from the top 25 yardage leaders. All of these QBs have a lower QB Rating than Buck Pierce. Apparently none of these people are pro QB's according to the "gridirion guru".

If they catch lightning in a bottle I think the Lions can pull it out, but a lot would have to go their way. They need to take the hostile Saskatchewan crowd out of the game, and do it early. I'm hoping Pierce or whoever is at QB has enough protection and is able to do the work. The o line seems better than in past years but that has been an issue for us in big games. We'll see. Obviously we need strong play on both sides of the ball and keep our focus. Mosaic is a tough place to play at anytime of year but especially in November. Oh and Gridiron...are you from Regina or Saskatoon?

Good observations Pigskin though I'm hoping you mean the O-Line seems better than in past games this season and not better than in past years. The Lions O-line has been terrible all year. The opposition has been blitzing the Lions' QB with impunity and getting to him. Only in the last few games has the O-Line been reasonably successful in giving the QB any sort of protection.

Interesting Vanhalen. And yet Moon and Flutie went on to enjoy highly successful NFL careers. I’m curious to know what those “ratings” are based on, especially after reading the track records of both Flutie and Moon.