Lions vs Redblacks

Well that was nice game to watch. :thup: Antolin and Jackson were sensational! Even Gore, who is prone to dropping easy catches was on the money for most of the night. You gotta love the Lions' D. They have held the opposition to zero TDs now for 12 consecutive quarters of football.

I was really thinking that the way Ottawa took it to Winnipeg last week, the Lions would have a tough go of it. They surprised me. Gosh if these guys who took up the slack on Offence continue playing like this the coaches are going to have to make some pretty tough decisions when the starters return as in who to sit out for the next game.

I know tonight's game was not a litmus test but Ottawa is not a farm team. They have some very good players.

It will be exciting to see what the Lions do in their last 3 games. Winnipeg is still in the hunt for a cross over position so that game against the Lions will be very important. Edmonton is hoping to have home field advantage for the semi-final so they will not sit back against the Lions. Calgary may take it easy in its last game. It will be against the Lions but by then I think Calgary will have 1st place wrapped up.

Now, that the Lions have this win in the bag, the cross over is looking pretty darn good. More importantly, if the Offence plays its remaining 3 games like it did tonight the Lions may have a crack at 2nd place in the west. Who knows? I was not expecting the Lions to play as well as they did tonight. I'm holding my breath that the Lions did not dominate the game tonight only because they were playing Ottawa. :roll:

BC won as expected but total domination is surprising. After 3 losses, BC may be underrated and replacement players need time to rise up to full potential. Unlike basketball, injuries are normally overrated in football because of large rosters. For gamblers, Ottawa has been the most overrated team against pointspread because of unrealistic expectations for a expansion team. Looking ahead, BC should be healthier after bye week but needs another eastern team to collapse. Winning all remaining games is impossible for all east teams because they must eliminate each other. Winnipeg has toughest schedule in final games and is likely to miss playoffs. .

I think a win against Ottawa, even a blowout win is fairly meaningless... Unless you lose to Ottawa and then it means you have real problems. I mean no disrespect to the redblacks. They are a brand new team and you can't expect any measure of consistency from week to week. If they look good or bad in one game, it may or may not translate to their play in the next game. There is no measuring stick. They have experiencd players, but football is the ultimate team sport, and a team needs to gel.

I think bc fans should look at it as a really good lions practice, and be happy they did what they are supposed to do which was beat an expansion team with the worst record in the league.

While it was great to see the Leos, er, kick the stuffing out of the TwoColours on Thanksgiving long weekend, let's not anoint them as the team to beat just yet.

I thought this was our offensive line's best game of the year, which allowed all the skill guys on offence to succeed. As usual the defence were magnificent, bending a bit between the 40s but stiffening when it counted. I thought our punt coverage was much improved this week, but again its Ottawa, right?

Give Kevin Glenn time and he can be a very effective pivot. Kudos to the second stringers (Antolin, Jackson) who really stepped up. I can't see them switch running backs, even if Logan is healthy next week. Antolin is just a much more explosive back with young legs and a burning desire to be successful. This year Logan has looked pretty average to me, except for the one game he subbed for Harris where he had a pretty good night rushing the ball and catching a few out of the backfield. I haven't seen him do any decent punt returns all year long.

I hear Marsh will be back next week, so a strong D will just get stronger with the addition of a veteran short side corner.

Given how bad the Bombers looked yesterday against the Eskimos, we might have another strong offensive output. But the Bombers should be better at home.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Well stated Dooger. :thup: I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Lions dominate. It’s something they haven’t done for most of the year except that game against the Als way back when. The guys needed this. However, like you said, it was Ottawa and they have a load of problems to solve.

We need to get some of our regulars back. And I agree… Antolin should stay in. If he can do against a western team what he did against Ottawa then he is a keeper in my books. He’s got a much better idea of what to expect. Unfortunately, the other teams will be watching the game films and could just figure out a way to stop him. Good to see Brown back.