Lions vs Ottawa

BC Lions fans Roar inside that stadium, step right up, come on down to see Beck @ company derail the REDBLACKS.

VGCC picks so far,

Ottawa over BC (67%)

Gosh I sure hope you're right taylorfield because much to my surprise Ottawa did a number on the Lions back on July 04. And Elimimian was in the lineup that game! They can do it again if Burris is hot. Expect the Redblacks to use Earnest Jackson as their go to receiver. He has been playing very well in the games I've watched him play. He can do a lot of damage to the Lions' D if allowed to.

I will be going to this game and hope for some sweet pay back time. We'll see. I'm not holding my breath. The Lions have a way of imploding on themselves but who knows, Beck may surprise us all.

In my opinion it will come down to who makes fewer mistakes.

Couple of things to consider:

The west coast trip is tough on East teams. Ottawa has had trouble on the road.

Any Lions fans on this board going to the game ?

I am flying in from Calgary. If any of you want to come say hi ,

I will be in Sec 216 - Row J - Seat 101

I like to watch the warm ups , so I will be there just after 12 pm.

The only reason why the West coast trip used to be tough was the Lions used to be very good and most of the East Teams were a joke . That's not the case this year and Ottawa is the better team, BC has their back up in and the crowd will be a non factor .

Add to that no Lulay and I see Ottawa as the favourite going into this game.

Lions are the favourite by ( -4 ) Lions Den = Dragon Town.

No Lulay, no chance. Not the way they are playing this season. Both Toronto and Montreal beat the Leos at BC Place this season. The BC dominance of eastern teams at home is fading fast.

Well, that and having to play games that start at 10pm and end at 1am, according to the Eastern players' body clocks.

And the ~8 hour trip to get there (including wait and drive times).

Ottawa is coming off a bye and should be well-rested. Worked for the Argos earlier in the season I think.

216 is about the 20 yardline and J is 10 rows up.

Our group is in 210. At about the 10 yardline at the other end on the same side of the field (broadcast camera side).

We also tailgate at Quebec and Terminal. Across the street from Science World (the big silver ball thingy) about 10-15 min walk down the road from the stadium. My buddy always flies his Lions flag on a tall pole so look for that. I’m the skinny Rider fan in the middle of all the orange. If you PM me, I’ll give you my cell# to text.

Don't be too sure about that. Leadership aside, Lulay of 2015 is a shadow of his former self since the shoulder injury. 2nd worse QB rating in the league (next to Matt Nichols). Cortez's system has not played to his strengths of scrambling and throwing on the run, as the club was afraid he'd get knocked out again. He never has been a pocket passer.

Beck is a calm ex-NFL veteran that throws a really nice ball and can place it anywhere. His arm is much livelier than Lulay's, he has the confidence of this team, and has had an entire week of first team reps. I hate to say this 'cause I love the guy, but the Lions are really not losing much without Travis. At 34, Beck is certainly not the future, but he's not a stiff either.

Great post rhymes with orange! :thup: :thup:

Why does that theory never come up in reverse though?
Why is it not hard for B.C. to travel to Ontario and Montreal to play games?

The time difference is never a factor for B.C. games in the east, because they all start at 7 ET, which is 4 PT.

If you're not awake at 4 pm, you shouldn't be playing football.

Rarely do the Lions have to play a game in the east that starts at 1, which would be 10am their time. I think I've only seen it once, against Montreal, and they won that game, if I'm not mistaken.

Actually this game is a "win" "win" situation for me as it doesn't really matter which side wins because either way it will place those Alouettes one foot closer to the edge of finally seeing how the other half lives as a team that actually misses the playoffs. The Als and their fans have led a charmed life indeed since returning to the league in 96 and have never missed the playoffs in that time. It's a remarkable run to say the least,but as they say all good things must finally come to an end. Its ironic though that the Lions have also had an impressive playoff run of 18 straight seasons and barring some unforeseen circumstances,you'd have to think that one of these two teams (Als/Lions) streaks will finally come to an end this season.Can you guess which one I'm hoping for to finally end ? :wink: :cowboy:

Good points, but I don't say no chance because Lulay is the same QB of a few years back but because of BC as a team. They're 4-5 and only 2-2 at home. There is a lot wrong with the team and losing Lulay, in my opinion, is just one too many things for them to overcome. Especially against a very competitive Ottawa team coming off the bye week. I rarely bet against the team coming off the bye. I don't have the numbers but I believe the team coming off a bye is well over .500.

I have had to drag myself out of bed many times on Sunday morning to watch the Riders play in Montreal, the last 2 years for sure, then also last year in Hamilton was early. I think with BC at Montreal half the time it is on Labour Day weekend (since everyone else has their traditional matchup) and as such it ends up the Fri nite game.

Looks like, maybe, 5000 people in attendance this afternoon.
David Braley has killed the lions fan base.

5,000 people? Are you watching the same game I am? And how exactly does an owner "kill a fan base"?

Please explain without excessive amounts of hyperbole and try a light dusting of fact please.