Lions VS Esks

Well Ladies and Gentlemen the moment we have all been waiting for is just around the corner. As Ed Whalen would put it "This is gonna be a real Ring a Ding dong dandy" I will be sitting in the cheap seats wearing my Esks game Jersey waving my flag and wearing my Watermellon hat . Is anyone else there(hey Debra did I use the right There or is it their) is Stoked as much as I am . I sure hope it's a well played game for both teams and everbody comes out to support the Teams.

Well yes, you did. But watermelon isn't spelled correctly. :wink:

Have a fun time rocker...we might just see you there in the cheap seats. We're usually around Section 31...I will NOT have a watermelon on my head though. But I do have some bright orange thunder sticks that will probably be half deflated by the end of the first quarter. I wear the orange Geroy jersey, my son's in the black (autographed one). But I probably just described half the stadium.

Watermelon????? I thought only Rider fans wore those?

Should be a great matchup. I don't think you'll see one team sweep the other. Predicting a Home & Home split.

The Rider fans in Vancouver probably won't come out to the game, so us Esk fans have to fill in and make BC Place a bit more lively.

I'll be in attendance when the Lions come back to Commonwealth, but probably no watermelon. I wear the "coaches touque" as Rbk calls it, just like the one Maciocia wears. (Just in case something happens to him and they need me to come down from section D and take over :smiley: )

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery....
Split, split, split....

I was a little worried because my London Knights have a game tonight. But that game starts at 7:30, and this one starts at 10:30, so I should be able to catch both.

Like Sporty, I'm predicting a home and home split. Or at least that's what I'm hoping for. :lol: Though if we could steal one on the road, that'd be nice. I think we've had enough 2-7 road records...

Good luck Lions!

Well, I hope Wally made them do lots of "Lines" in practice after last Fridays performance. We need a better effort this Friday to get a split now.

Yeah, hopefully that was an eye opener for the team and they realize that they have to put in 110% EVERY game...that there's no coasting here.

I expect we'll see them play better.