Lions vs. Eskimos

Am I the only poster watching this game?

Nope - Lions lead 15-7 at the half.

Good; was wondering where everyone is today.

Off the first half, I'd say the star has been Mark Washington. What he's done with BC's defence today has been very impressive (and confusing to Reilly and Cortez).

Honourable mention to Rwabukamba; he's been a stud back out there on the corner, he's better suited out there than he ever was at safety.

Minor pet peeves; we haven't done much complaining about the commercials this year, but here goes; I am sick and tired of this family deciding to shop at Safeway this year (I can't even if I wanted to); and what the heck is Joseph Abboud's "Signature soft shoulder"?

Hoping to see a Lions win.

They are playing well, but still think EE will win.

They are very good at making half time adjustments.

Hope I am wrong.

Adam Bighill has been on his game [pick-off] leads to Lions TD, thus breaks this game wide open. 23-7 BC leads.

Just over 3 minutes remaining in the 3rd and it is 23-7 Lions. Unless they blow it big time, it looks like a W is a real possibility. Jennings has looked good and the Lions D has certainly been keeping the EE off balance - so far.

Jennings is playing with poise and smarts especially for his first ever start.

Buono needs to keep giving him game time to develop as Lulay's future is in serious doubt.

Time to amend my comment - EE has shown up in the 4th and BC has cooled down, still anyone's game - or maybe not with the TD just scored by Walker for the EE for their first lead of the game. Now if Rainey broke a BIG one.....

With just over 2 minutes to go in the game looks like a Lions collapse in the making. 26-23 Eskie lead

Yup I just amended my comment and a 2 and out isn't going to do it for BC.

Flicker, flicker, flicker and Pow, pow........... 29-23 Edmonton final.

Too bad for BC who played much better than in some games I've seen but let themselves lapse long enough to allow EE to get back in the game and take over. Gotta play for a full 60 minutes.

Neither team played well enough to deserve the win.

However Lions gave this away. Not saying they would have won.

Just saying they really shot themselves in the foot.