Lions vs. Eskimos - predictions?

I predict this will be a defining game for Travis - a game when we all will say, "Man, this guy is good!" (soft french horns begin) It will be a turning point of their season, and they'll never look back! (is the music getting louder - snare drums pumping out a military sequence?) The O-line will rise to the occasion; they will be like raging bulls, daring anyone to defy them! (cymbol crashes!). The team will gel like never before, and with one heart, one mind, and one will, they will score, score, and score again!! .....then the 4th quarter will come, Ricky will thrown 4 consecutive long balls, and we'll loose by 2 points. Man, it's SO predictable!!

ROTFL I enjoyed that.

Yes, the Lions must be careful for if they play too "loose".....they will surely "lose". :wink:

i say this will be a blowout game for the lions.

they came very close last week to blowing out the Argos last week, it will happen this week.

Lulay will throw for 370 yards 3 touchdowns , Jamal Lee will score one touchdown, the same with Geroy Simon and Armstrong.

Lions win

Final Score

BC 40
Edmonton 20

edmonton got nothing to lose, they most likely will be raining players on travis. Lions defense will have to win this game.
turnovers and big plays will factor more than usual. There will be lots of punting andor fg attempts. Travis will have a mixed day as his learning curve continues behind a poor o-line.

Its goina be an ugly game, regardless who wins.

Dupsell - SURE hope you're right, man! Wouldn't that raise a few eyebrows?

Yes it will be right. Our team is so close of breaking out while edmonton is not.

Gosh I wish I had dreams like that! At the very least it makes for a great fiction novel. Just kidding Dupsdell.

Let’s look at tonight in perspective. The Lions have lost 3, just one less than the Esks. Yes, they beat the Eskies in Edmonton but only scored a single TD. Will tonight finally be the coming out party we’ve all been wishing for, hoping for, “expecting”? Hmmmmmm… Like you, I’m hoping so but I’m not holding my breath.

If Lulay doesn’t go down with an injury, if key players remain injury free, if the D continues to play the way it has been playing, if the O line gives Lulay the protection he needs and if penalties can be kept to a minimum then here’s hoping good things will happen.

Personally, I’m anticipating good things from Travis and the rest of the Lions tonight but I was last week too. It is the unexpected that has me biting my nails.

LIONS 52 edmonton 0

not quite as much pressure on travis, but otherwise, pretty much as I expected, sigh